CA 2020: Police banned from using facial recognition in body cameras

SACRAMENTO, California (KSEE/KGPE) – Law enforcement in California will no longer be allowed to use facial recognition software in body cameras in 2020.

The three-year ban, set to start next year, came about after the signing of AB 1215, written by Assemblymember Phil Ting. Ting says the law was needed to ensure accountability and transparency, and avoid California becoming a police state. more

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  1. I saw a video a couple hours ago (I’m not finding it right now, I think it was that English dude, PJW ) of some Hong Kongers wearing projectors on their heads so the ChiCom facial recognition cameras can’t make out the real features of the people they want to ID.

  2. I recall reading an article a while back that said that facial recognition software does work all that well.

  3. Is there any doubt that these manic, totalitarian control freaks would ban certain thoughts and manage how you think if they could access yer head?
    Science Fiction today, assimilated by The Borg tomorrow!

  4. I hope they can use them when to move in to take out that commie POS newsom and his other commie buddies!


    The only way to be truly certain who is here legally, and can “buy or sell” legally is to have a microchip implanted into their right hand or forehead.

    Who would be against that? You want to stop crime don’t you?

  6. Instead, program it to recognize only race, and then add a light filter and program the camera light to vary the light frequencies so that People Of Color are lit to look good on camera, where as White people are cast in lurid lights to make them look dangerous.
    Then have it place a smile on the Person of Color and digitize it there for every frame to further make reparations for past racism

  7. Facial recognition only works if everybody’s already on “the list”. Just in case. You want to be on “the list”, don’t you loyal citizen? You want to work harder, for just a little less pay, to fund “the list”, don’t you loyal citizen? You are loyal, aren’t you?

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