CA: 30% of DMV employees don’t show up for work



Overpaid Government Worker:

On any given day 30% of California DMV employees don’t show up to work. The DMV’s solution is a wellness program to provide healthy recipes & exercise videos. Is it any wonder we have such long lines? Here’s what the dept said when asked what they’re doing to ensure employees come into work. More



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  1. Sounds like a win for Californians, they love paying big bucks for nothing in return.
    Keep voting democrat…….morons.

  2. Most likely the only way to get anything done.

    Where I worked in the FedGov, roughly 30-35% were, not only worthless, but impedimental to actually accomplishing our mission (plumbing).

    It was a joy (from a supervisory point of view) when they took off – being less (fewer?) morons to deal with.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. They get paid to shuffle paper from basket 2 to basket 3. If worse comes to worse, start firing people. Until you find somethat want to work.

  4. I’m with Tim. If the supervisors could up that 30% absentee rate to 50-60%, things would probably run more efficiently: they’d get more done and the lines would be shorter.

    I once had a boss who would take people out of a project team when a project would fall behind schedule. He was very good at selecting those who had to go, and far more often than not, things got back on track fairly quickly with the smaller team.

  5. Three or four years ago, I ended up going to the Santa Ana DMV without an appointment. The line was out the door and halfway around the large building. I waited about 30 minutes for the initial check-in, and the wait to actually be served was about 20 minutes. This facility served a lot of people who spoke several different languages, and given the volume of people who visit that particular branch, their efficiency was great.

    Sadly, this was probably a function of a good manager and was never repeated in any other DMV facility I went to over the years. Usually people who have to go to the DMV block out an entire morning or afternoon, and it usually takes an entire morning or afternoon. I’m sure the person running the Santa Ana DMV during that period has long since moved on, but I just wanted to acknowledge that one DMV facility in a county with many DMV offices at one period of time ran efficiently.

  6. California mandates “Paid Time Off” for all workers — full or part time in case they get sick. I already gave my employees in my Ca location generous vacation time (I’m a small business — under 50 workers). I converted some of those vacation days to PTO days so I don’t lose even more money. Some of my workers were outraged. They already had been able to use vacation if they were ill. They had fully planned on extra paid days. You know if you get a paid sick day, you will get “sick”. The government workers get plenty of “sick” days which they just treat as extra vacay. I haven’t taken a paycheck in 4 years due to some business setbacks and so I wouldn’t have to cut wages or have a layoff — but I’m a filthy capitalist.

  7. My state has private companies that provide the services that the Dept of Mother Vuckers is supposed to. Average wait time usually less than ten minutes (just a guess based on experience) vs a morning or afternoon at the DMV (not a guess but based on experience).

    It costs ten bucks extra but filthy capitalists have to eat too.

  8. I have an idea. How about dock them a week’s pay for every day missed without prior arrangement or a note from an MD? Naah.

  9. How do we know a 30% absence of DMV employees doesn’t make the DMV MORE efficient than it would be with them present?

  10. If they aren’t there, they can’t screw up your paperwork so you have to come back three times for what should have been a one-time transaction. 😛

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