CA: Bench Removal Targets Disneyland City’s Growing Homeless Population


Anaheim’s homeless are missing bus stop benches some had used to rest on. The city recently removed the benches from areas surrounding the iconic Disneyland theme park in an effort to push back against the increasing homeless population.



14 Comments on CA: Bench Removal Targets Disneyland City’s Growing Homeless Population

  1. Walt’s purpose in buying more land than he need for Disney world in FL was a direct result of the blight that built up around Disneyland in CA- he hated that.

  2. And the idiots in Anaheim, instead of dealing with the problem directly, play the bad boyfriend and remove the benches hoping that the homeless will ” break up with the area.”

  3. California should redistribute more castles among the blighted parts of their State. Fairytale shwing!

  4. The panhandlers must have a field day putting the bite to the tourists, while they step around mounds of human waste on their way into the park.

  5. How could anyone be homeless in California with all the bleeding heart liberal overpaid famous actors who are always telling us peons what group of poor people to give our money (and votes) to?

    I mean, surely million dollar charity checks are written every hour to cure this problem, right?

  6. So, has Anaheim figured out a culturally sensitive way to clean up the feces and urine?
    Seattle, LA, and San Francisco can’t, or won’t.

  7. Uhh … I thought the whole point of socialism was to INCREASE the number of indigents, alien-invading rat-people, and the insane … Anaheim seems to have lost its moorings.

    This may require Gubernatorial intervention …

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Isn’t it funny; but between the years 2009 through 2016, you seldom saw news articles about the homeless, and when you did, their condition was blamed on W.


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