CA: City of Stockton to Consider America’s First Basic Income Grant

Breitbart: The city of Stockton, California, is planning to offer a basic income grant of $500 per month to poor residents, making it the first U.S. city to provide a guaranteed income.

Mayor Michael Tubbs announced the program on Wednesday, according to Capital Public Radio. “This is not a handout, it’s a hand up,” he reportedly said. The program is to be privately funded by the Economic Security Project, which Capital Public Radio describes as “a network of researchers, elected leaders, and organizers” and which is run by Facebook co-founder and Barack Obama campaign veteran Chris Hughes.

Stockton declared bankruptcy in 2012, a result of high pension costs, economic stagnation, and “a 15-year spending binge.” Though the city and its finances have recovered somewhat, and the city emerged from bankruptcy in 2015, poverty remains a problem.

The idea of a guaranteed basic income has been gaining traction lately, largely thanks to the advocacy of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who has suggested it may become necessary in the future as technological innovation pushes more people out of traditional jobs.  more here

39 Comments on CA: City of Stockton to Consider America’s First Basic Income Grant

  1. Full blown socialism.
    Full blown slavery.

    Lure em in with a handout, keep em with hunger.
    Works every time.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. how soon before they have the “so called citizens” chopping and picking cotton?
    Would you be willing to sell your soul for a chickenshit 500 bucks a month?
    I have a helluva a lot more pride than to accepting freebies from some damn liberal.

  3. This socialist move will increase the cost of alcohol use, Heroin
    cocaine and designer drugs, all of which will be subsidized by City government.

    Get ready for an influx of illegal immigrants, drug users and the perpetual down and out.

  4. This is from less than a year ago. I can’t imagine it’s gotten any better…

    “I apologize if this sounds apocalyptic, but the city of Stockton may go bankrupt again.

    How likely is a “Chapter 18?” What’s on the horizon is cause for very serious concern. And the culprit, to the surprise of no one, is pensions.

    Pensions for Stockton’s 1,455 city employees remain a huge problem. So does the giant that (mis)manages pensions, the California Public Employee Retirement System.”

    Either some brilliant Cloward-Piven ploy, or sheer stupidity. I’m going with the latter.

  5. Population will double, triple, quadruple overnight.
    Free stuff draws a crowd.

    This will Cloward-Piven itself fast.

    The other takeaway is the Left expects the poor should subsist on $500 a month.
    Let that vision of Future Socialist Utopia sink in.

    “Soylent Green is…. poor people!”

  6. I’m so naive. I have *no* idea where all that money should be coming from, that’s supposed to go out to all them thar po’ folk at $500 a pop per month…’specially for a place that declared bankruptcy in 2012.

    The Che Fairy, maybe?!

  7. This is just gonna turn them into Street People with Better drugs than the Scum in L.A can afford to get !
    Some of the money may get back to the city, in the form of Mary Jane profits !!!

  8. Imagine all the awesome tattoos that money will buy. Is there any cooler tattoo than a skull wearing a hat and smoking a cigarette? Sarc

  9. Stockton will be full blown socialist in a few months. It will now be a magnet for takers and the givers will flee. I know I would.

  10. The dirty pols think they are buying votes in perpetuity by paying people to be poor. I’m fairly sure it’ll work until they run out of other people’s money.

  11. When you raise the bar of 0 to a greater number, that greater number assumes a new role: as the old role of number 0.

    The base for Stockton would raise to $500 from $0. It’s that simple. If you have between $0 and $500, it’s all the same as $0. The result is poor people with worthless money, and 500 additional chances to be stuck at $0.

  12. Turn off the Federal spigot! Hard-working, over-taxed-paying Americans in the rest of the country shouldn’t have to support this insanity! Stop feeding the law-breaking, Communist, Santa Claus mentality with out tax dollars and this shit will come to a screeching halt!

  13. Compare the population of Stockton now with a year after this is enacted. Money says it’ll be considerably different; and not smaller.

  14. “thanks to the advocacy of Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg”

    Let’s start by watching Mark give away his money to pay for this $500 basic income since he is advocating it. Should be handing it out to every poor person that knocks on FB HQ doors.

  15. Stockton is basically a shithole, with a violent crime rate about 3 times that of the rest of California. Sure, you can pay $500 to each poor person, but will that improve Stockton in any way? The only way Stockton will improve is if some day, the Silicon Valley types decide they want to live in that area – in which case they will have most of the existing neighborhoods bulldozed and force the gangbangers and drug dealers elsewhere while they build a manicured city.

    That’s how Democrats run a city – they buy the poor so they can get votes, run the city into the ground, and eventually decide to push the poor out in exchnge for redevelopment and tax dollars. There is really no concern for the plight of the poor who are only allowed to exist in order to keep the politicians in office.

  16. Calling all illegals, neer do wells, bums, welfare/cheats, baby mommas, grifters,
    food stamp denizens, morons, dropouts, and the entrenched lazy to get thy selves nigh to nirvana currently spelled Stockton, CA!

  17. Meanwhile, as the state becomes more unbearable by the Day, the leftist morons continue their migration northward, bringing their idiotic politics with them, blissfully ignorant as to the cause of the abject failure of the once-great Golden State.

  18. This is supposed to be privately funded. Let’s see how long that lasts. Any bets when Cali taxpayers are forced to continue this hand-up-out?

  19. When baloney legs Clinton was running for Preezy in ’08 someone discovered a couple dozen Chinese people all registered to the same garden shed. Spose something like that is going to happen again?

  20. Have them clean up the highways, the parks and the excrement on the sidewalk for the $500. Money for nothing and the chicks are free is an oxymoron.

  21. Uncle Al October 21, 2017 at 9:36 am

    The dirty pols think they are buying votes in perpetuity by paying people to be poor. I’m fairly sure it’ll work until they run out of other people’s money.

    Need I quote Lyndon Baines Johnson?

    They’re still voting Dem and we have even more poor blacks and broken families than ever.

  22. If I were the people who are receiving this largesse, I would be offended that the city government thinks I am only worth $500/month and start rioting.


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