CA: Confiscating farmland to build water tunnels

RT– California has outlined a plan to move forward with an unapproved, $15 billion water diversion project, including possibly seizing farmland through eminent domain, new documents reveal. Critics fear the plan will turn the Bay Delta into a salty desert.
california delta

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan, which has been under development for the last eight years, is a pet project of Governor Jerry Brown (D-California). It calls for the building of a pair of massive tunnels ‒ 40 feet (12 m) in diameter and 30 miles (48 km) long ‒ that would divert a portion of the Sacramento River’s flow around the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, moving water from the northern part of the state to the south.  more

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  1. Falls under the catagory of We Don’t Give A Fuck.

    Screw California…Let them grab land, run out of water, and then enjoy the grand finale’ of the San Andreas fault splitting open and dropping Hollywood, San fran, and LA into the ocean for good.

  2. And the goal of ‘Nationalization’ by the socialists picks up steam by not letting a crisis that they created go to waste.

  3. If I knew for certain that the state would come and seize my land through eminent domain, I would poison the land. Make it VERY expensive for them to clean it up to their own EPA standards.

  4. Watch the video animation. At the end they say the north delta pump will be placed far enough inland to avoid the inflow of salt water from the west from certain climate change in the future, allowing them to work efficiently for years to come.

    It would be interesting to see their futuristic study on climate change and the delta. It seems they are still convinced man is in control. They are admitting climate change will screw them over in the future so they are taking steps now to prevent it. How in the world do they know their steps are A) necessary and B) good enough? I thought WHEN the ice caps melt and WHEN we keep exhaling CO2 the results would be DEVASTATING where California would basically be out to sea.

    This video basically admits their made up climate change is A) controllable and B) only as bad as we want to project.

    How convenient.

  5. Why don’t they just dynamite their entire border and make California it’s own island nation! Then King Moonbeam could do anything he wanted to, and for, his Mexican population and not have to deal with pesky rules and regulations, after all he would be the King (kind of like what King Putt does to America).

  6. They care more about the fish swimming in their faulty high school science project than they care about the citizens and the farmers who feed them.

    Drive the farmers out and you will starve to death. Not every state is going to be willing to feed you, as Arkansas has already told you to fuck off with the egg regulations.

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