CA Family Claims Kid Drank From Cup Containing Blood At Starbucks

KFI: A Redlands family is suing Starbucks after they say their child drank from a cup that had a barista’s blood smeared on it.

Amanda and Louis Vice along with his mother Rhonda Agles say back in February 2016 they stopped at a San Bernardino Starbucks to order several drinks for their family.


When they got home, they say they noticed a red smear on the side of one of the cups and that the drink had a “strong metallic smell.”

Another cup, being shared by another family member and the couple’s two-year-old daughter had a similar red smear.

Amanda says she didn’t notice anything was amiss at first, until she saw her daughter licking the lid and eating the drink’s whipped cream.

“Once we drank it, then we could see on the inside of the rim that there was blood.”

After looking among themselves, the family realized none of them were bleeding and then called the Starbucks they were at to report what they found.

It was then they were told that one of the baristas was bleeding and was removed from the floor.

The family says they were offered free drinks for a week from the manager, but they refused saying they wanted the employee to get a blood test to determine if they were HIV positive or had any other communicable disease.

A news release says that while the manager agreed, the employee wasn’t forced to get the test.   MORE

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  1. Oh, for fuck’s sake (thank you Moe Tom) why would anyone take their whelp to Starbuck’s? Come to think of it, why would any (reasonably sane) person go to Starbuck’s?

    I refuse to enter that establishment even to piss.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. This happens more than you think.

    When I was younger, I knew exactly when and where I cut my hand or finger, because it hurt. After aging a bit and 5000+ cuts, scrapes or gouges later, I can’t always say where I got injured. Usually it isn’t until I feel wetness when my hand should be dry or someone asks what happened to my hand that I realize I injured it.

  3. Isn’t it a prerequisite for a Starbuck’s barista to be gay? And isn’t it a prerequisite for a politically correct gay to have aids? And isn’t it politically correct to transmit aids to any and all white heterosexuals to kill off the evil white race?

  4. That’s what you get for paying $9 for a burnt cup of coffee from dipshits with obvious tattoos/piercings and a masters in French lit.

  5. So the kid is still around, picking their nose and eating the boogers. They wouldn’t get a red nickel if I sat on the jury.

  6. I had spent five hours in an emergency room. When I was released, I stopped in the lobby, where there was a starbucks stand. I ordered their lite brew. It was dawd awful. Fist cup of starbucks I have had in decades. I’ll go without. $1.85 for a six ounce cup.

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