CA: Judge orders cities to court over Santa Ana homeless encampment clear-out

KFI: A federal judge has ordered Orange County, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, and Orange into court so they can show that anti-camping ordinances are not being used to criminalize homelessness.

Officials in Orange County are in the process of clearing out hundreds of homeless people and their belongings from the Santa Ana Riverbed and bike trail.

U.S. District Judge David O. Carter issued an order on February 4th and set a hearing for February 13th. Carter wrote:

“The court is concerned that persons who leave or are evicted from the riverbed may subsequently be cited by defendant cities under those cities’ anti-camping or anti-loitering laws, even though those persons may not be able to find a shelter or other place to sleep.”

The order calls on Anaheim, Costa Mesa, Orange, and Orange County to explain how many citations or arrests have been made under anti-camping or anti-loitering laws since January 1st.  more here

15 Comments on CA: Judge orders cities to court over Santa Ana homeless encampment clear-out

  1. Oh good. Keep it up. For the sake of the citizens of Portland, I really hope this clueless bleeding heart liberal keeps doing what he’s doing. Our mayor is a bum magnet who needs some competition.

  2. Hold on. Why shouldn’t the governments that created insane policies that have at the very least contributed to the homeless problem have to haul their worthless asses into court and explain their actions? Hell the Judge should have issued a warrent for Governor Moonbeam to appear as a material witness and have him explain the fiscal kamikaze dive he’s taken California on. I say well done Judge, don’t chicken out.

  3. Maybe California needs to lay out their definition of sanctuary. They certainly have a different concept of truth, rights, sexual orientation, etc. than the normal person.

  4. Banning homelessness is as effective as banning drugs.

    You move it on down the road, but it’s still on the same road.

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