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CA offers low-interest college loans to illegals


EAG […] About $5 million in funding will be provided to UC students, and CSU students can apply for about $2 million in loans, totals that are split between the state and the schools.

UC spokeswoman Claire Doan told the news site the funding “helps alleviate the burden for undocumented students, many of whom are often forced to take quarters/semesters off or take on outside jobs to offset the cost of tuition.”  more

SNIP: Yeah, because no American citizen ever worked 2 or 3 jobs or took time off of school to get a job so they could pay their own way.


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  1. I’m a USAF Vet. Afeterwards, due to the economy, I had to drop out of college. Returned years later, due to a bad economy and no jobs. Put together multiple part time jobs and returned to college. Graduated at 35 while supporting my daughter. Ex refused to pay $150 a month. Too bad. Beautiful daughter, two beautiful granddaughters. I have a good career. Sarah is well married, a great husband. She has a master’s degree. All good with no significant debt. No sympathy. We never asked anyone to pay our way, though originally disadvantaged.Get your lazy button in gear.

  2. But Mexicans are so cute! Like little brown puppies.
    Everyone should own one! Oh wait… Oh no!!
    We own millions of em!!

  3. Face it folks, the government recognizes that, like blacks and women, illegals just aren’t up to competing with humans without help from their betters.

  4. So I live in Northern Cali and run my 07 FFL biz out of the El Dorado Hills Biz park and right across from that park on a hill side some ones building a ton of homes. Lots of Mex labor. The INS has done two back to back raids. A shit load of vans hauling illegals off. They tow their cars. I’m not getting what’s going on. It’s like the Matrix or something. By the way there building those homes with zero water and sewage. This is the gold county. He who has the gold rules.

  5. ‘All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.’ Seems like this is a perfect storm for class action cases against the state for discrimination.

  6. What’s the difference of the money NOT being paid back by the rat-people or by LIPs?

    Take from those who work and give to the Universities and Colleges.

    Most college professors are, otherwise, unemployable.

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