CA: Residents Ask SCOTUS To Overturn 9th Circuit Gun Control Ruling

DC: Two California residents, along with two Second Amendment advocacy organizations, filed a petition with the Supreme Court to review the Ninth Circuit court’s decision to maintain the state’s 10-day waiting period laws on purchasing firearms.

Three years ago, Federal District Judge Anthony Ishii, a Clinton appointee, said the waiting period laws were unconstitutional.

However, in 2016 the U.S. Court of Appeals Ninth Circuit ruled that when a person legally carrying a concealed handgun purchases another firearm and passes a further background check, he must be “cooled off” for an additional 10 days prior to taking possession of a legal firearm.

The petition — written by Supreme Court and appellate Washington, D.C., attorney Erik. S. Jaffe — states that it “is no secret that various lower courts, and the Ninth Circuit especially, are engaged in systematic resistance to” the high court’s landmark Heller and McDonald decisions.  more here

10 Comments on CA: Residents Ask SCOTUS To Overturn 9th Circuit Gun Control Ruling

  1. California IS the front lines, and it will remain so until a person or group of persons interested in restoring the state back to America status helps to persuade certain politicians in changing the errors of their ways.

    That, my friends, is the long politically correct answer to an obvious request.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, any victory against the state of California’s gun laws is good, but holy crap of all the low hanging unconstitutional fruit that would make a real impact why go after the Ten Day wait. How about number one, go after the California Handgun approved list. In a couple years the choices will be down to wheel guns and Thompson Center fire pistols. Based on asserting those products are unsafe. Even though they are sold and used, with out incident in every other state.

  3. I read that California requires ‘good cause’ for a CCW permit. Leaves a lot of room for creative interpretation by police chiefs and sheriffs who may not think your rights are all that important. And I’m generally pro-cop.

  4. Tsunami,
    A ‘person’ or a group of ‘people’ will get nowhere in fixing California.
    First we need the wall.
    Second we need to stop illegal immigration as we are being outvoted by people who have no business being here.
    Third we need to get rid of the 9th ‘Circus” with their activists judges who always take the side of unconstitutional legislation.
    In other words, our hands are tied.

  5. Boehnerdict Ryan Arnold

    Most rural counties encourage ccw’s. In fact there’s only a few Libtard asshole county sheriffs that refuse to issue. All major cities.

  6. Illinois is just as bad…I ordered a Slug Barrel for My 870

    Remington..It took 3-4 Weeks to come in(Montgomery Ward) And when it

    finally arrived…I had to wait a 7 Day Cool down period…for a

    friggin Barrel…not a Firearm…(1994)


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