CA: San Diego Hepatitis A outbreak linked to lack of public restrooms


A review of public records by the San Diego Union-Tribune found that since 2000, four grand jury reports emphasized the risks of human waste on San Diego’s streets and a shortage of toilets for the growing homeless.

One report filed in 2010 warned that than an outbreak of illness caused by unsanitary conditions “could result in liability to the city.”

Each report called on the city of San Diego to either add more public all-hours restrooms, or beef up the street cleaning to ensure the public wouldn’t come in contact with human waste.
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24 Comments on CA: San Diego Hepatitis A outbreak linked to lack of public restrooms

  1. This is a huge problem in sanctuary cities. I avoid spending any time or dollars in sanctuary cities. I would suggest that more Americans do the same.

  2. I go with option “B”, washing the streets with a high pressure hose chlorine solution. That way the homeless and illegals have the opportunity for a shower. They might get so clean that they’ll decide to move on elsewhere.

  3. Iv’e olny seen crap on the street twice in 50 years in San Diego , and I don’t intend to see more . There are I think 2 streets on the outskirts of downtown where most homeless live , why they haven’t given them a toilet at least I don’t know ?

  4. So how will local government make everybody wash their hands after pooping? I have reliable information restaurant employees spreading Hep A all around the state.

    There is a vaccine, consider getting protected. Your local health department should have it if it costs too much from your doc.

  5. This is why I don’t go to the nearest emergency room. Who the hell knows what your going to catch in the waiting room.

    I travel another 40 min to have gallbladders, appendix, kidney stones removed. I want to be sitting amongst my peers that are also struggling with affluenza.

  6. If the local govt is to solve this public health problem, govt officials need a good, strong incentive. How about opening up the parking lots next to all govt offices for homeless camps, and allowing them to use the offices’ rest rooms, especially any executive rest rooms?

  7. It seems I get hepatitis from everything these days. Any time I break skin, like getting a scrape, cut, blister or poison oak/ivy/sumac. It’s immediately infected with hepatitis. Freaks the kids out and my wife thinks I’m an idiot, but in my mind, everything gives you hepatitis.

  8. Hmmm … increase in rat-people = increase in disease.

    May be a lesson in there … somewhere …

    Some Union Plumbing jobs opening up, soon.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. So, let me see. Dealing with the root problem – homelessness – not even an option for discussion?
    Giving them more bathrooms is easier, I guess.
    Look for another increase in homelessness as we further enable this lifestyle.

    The moronic libs wanted everyone to be “free”. Free from mental health care which would keep them safe. Free to roam. Free to become a societal problem that cannot be controlled, so is now managed instead.


  10. The other idiot thing the libs are currently doing is trying to convince us that all this mental illness is normal and expecting us to go along with more than two sexes, crazy self-mutilation, both of faces and bodies, including “gender reassignment surgery”, the normalizing of perversions of all sorts.

    I thank God so many of us are actively pushing back against this institutionalized insanity.

  11. The problem with building more restrooms is the homeless that do use them will trash them in short order, steal everything that isn’t bolted down (and some stuff that is), turn the restroom into their new shelter, and deficate all around (but not in) the toilet. The toilet will. E used to dispose of hypodermic needles, clogging them and posing a hazard to the plumbers. This all happened here in my town when we provided more “restrooms for the homeless”. Also, forget the blue ports-potties; they tip them over and burn them. And let’s not forget the Mexican graffiti artists; they love a blank canvas.

  12. Providing restrooms is not the answer. The small town I live in did that, and provided free meals too. You know, to help the less fortunate. Now we have three times the homeless population, and no one knows where they came from.

  13. Not only government agencies should have to open their bathroom doors to the unhealthy illegals and homeless, every newspaper, school, TV station, union hall, theater, and law office should be forced to open their doors as well. By supporting democrats, they are responsible for this problem.


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