CA: Semi drags car through Cajon Pass

KFI: A driver going through the Cajon Pass caught crazy footage of a semi truck dragging a crunched sedan along the freeway.

It happened yesterday around 3:20pm, when a sedan somehow got stuck underneath the huge semi hauling carrots.

The video shows the driver of the sedan pleading for help and waving his arms out of the window.

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  1. Looks like one of the clowns I see driving 90 mph weaving in and out of traffic in their lowered Hondas on 99 in the Central Valley. I hope the trucker wasn’t cited.

  2. Driven cross-country 2 dozen times in the last year.
    Can’t count how many truckers are oblivious because of their phones, laptops, or MOVIES they’re watching while driving.

    The new law to move over when someone is stopped on the shoulder is so f’n dangerous because of these moron/zombies: they are oblivious until the last minute and merge left before they signal or even check a mirror! GRRRRRRRR!

    And I drive a big pickup. Lord save anyone is a car.

  3. Thirty years over the road and I never went more than a few seconds without checking BOTH rear view mirrors. Hell that quick glance in the left mirror helps keep you centered on the road.

    The CHP should have torn up this clown’s CDL and threw it in his face. No idea why they turned this menace loose.


  4. I always give truckers plenty of room. If you tangle with a semi you’re bound to lose.
    And there is no way I’d follow that mess in the adjacent lane. No telling where that car would have gone if it had cut loose.
    Only safe place is in front of that shit.

  5. “The video shows the driver of the sedan pleading for help and waving his arms out of the window.”

    Maybe if the driver had been “pleading” in Spanish, the driver would have understood?

  6. Not for anything but the driver so intent on videoing this sure took his time passing the lodged car. That car could have jolted loose at any moment causing a terrible wreck with casualties.

  7. Hauling carrots?
    Was the driver of the car bald and dumpy, with a speech impediment?
    Cuz that sounds like a Bugs Bunny cartoon…
    “Pweaze Mr. Wabbit, stop the twuck!”

  8. I laughed and TU Henry’s comment about using a .45, but it might give the trucker reason to finish you off. I say don’t try that.

    I just don’t drive near them. One slip by him and I’m crushed. If I’m surrounded, between two of them, or even just next to one, I slow down enough to break that up.

    GF liked to tailgate them. I don’t think it was on purpose, her car could be running 80 and you wouldn’t feel it. I think it was her cruise control that the car didn’t have. She didn’t have to keep checking the speedometer.

    When there are only two vehicles on the road and you are 25 feet behind a semi – you’re doing it wrong. It happened all the time so instead of bitching I’d make a comment like: “Weird how this truck got in front of us when it had the whole road to choose from…” She’d grin sheepishly and move over.

    I have to see far ahead, so driving blind and trusting the truck driver doesn’t work for me.

    Way too many unseen and uncontrolled things you’re trusting your life to in that situation.

    That said – how did he get himself in that situation? It had to be terrifying being dragged like that, but I’m thinking it’s entirely preventable.

  9. Tom, I TU you because you’re right, except for the last sentence.

    “Only safe place is in front of that shit.”

    I disagree because they are still always coming your way and you stay at risk as long as you’re on the road in front of them. Drop back a lot further and you have plenty of brake time and able to watch it if it develops further. A lot easier and quicker to give life saving assistance if needed.

    Pull over and stop behind them or exiting the road completely would be the safest.

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