CA Senate Votes to Strip Young Adults of the Right to Bear Arms

Liberty Nation: This may come as a surprise to some, but California is finally following Vermont in raising the gun purchasing age to 21. That the Golden State is moving forward with such an anti-Second Amendment law, of course, should surprise no one. The shocker is that Vermont beat them to it.

Monkey See, Monkey Do

As previously reported on Liberty Nation, Vermont Governor Phil Scott – a Republican who seems to have been confused by the letters R and D and chose the wrong one – signed into law three gun control bills. One of them raised the legal purchase age of rifles and shotguns to 21.

On Tuesday, May 29, the California Senate voted 23-10 in favor of their own bill to raise the gun buying age. The bill, SB1100, also limits the number of guns any one person can purchase to one per month. It isn’t law quite yet – but that it will succeed seems a foregone conclusion. This is California, after all, and the most surprising thing about this story is that the Golden State wasn’t the first in the Union to achieve this “common sense” reform.  more here

7 Comments on CA Senate Votes to Strip Young Adults of the Right to Bear Arms

  1. Soooo … why isn’t Sessions taking them to task for this OBVIOUS infringement?
    If they voted to put negroes in chains, would Sessions act?
    If they did away with Habeas Corpus, would Sessions act?
    If they deprived a certain segment of the population of their right to an attorney, would Sessions act?
    If they deprived citizens of their right to practice their religion would … oh … wait … they still have to bake cakes for perverts, don’t they?

    Forget it … go back to sleep, Jeffy …

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. @ Rathaus – yes I agree

    How can one be considered Adult @ age 18 go to war, be tried as adult for a considered crime, IOW raise the age for EVERYTHING to 21 then.



  3. TIM

    Jeff is a UNIPARTY guy just like Trey. 3 months ago he said Gov Brown was going to jail. I said “Companionate Conservative” lie. So far time has proved me right. Many of the GOP “leadership” are lacking morals UNIPARTY folk; who since they have no morals lie about being conservative!

    Because the Bush/Rove gang has politically murdered most conservatives in the GOP Don has/had little from which to choose! Jeff may be as corrupt as GWB – but – name a better AG .
    If you are a conservative the Pickens are slim in the GOP since 1990!


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