Caddell: ‘Murdoch Sons’ ‘Need to Answer’ for Fox News Calling House for Dems While California Was Still Voting

Breitbart: Democrat pollster Pat Caddell told Breitbart News on Monday that Fox News “needs to answer” for prematurely declaring November 6th’s midterm elections’ results while citizens were still voting in California and other West Coast states. He spoke with Breitbart News Senior Editors-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight.

Caddell, a former contributor to Fox News Channel, said, “Fox News, the supposed voice for conservative Republicans, announced that Democrats won the House before the actual evidence was in hand and while people in California and other states were still voting.”

Mansour replied, “I believe that really had an effect. This was early in the day. People were just getting out of work when Fox called the House for the Democrats. In Orange County, we lost it.”

Caddell noted, “Look how many races in California were lost by a hair. Even with that crazy mail-in system that always keeps voting and voting and voting, which is another thing, but how many seats were so close that [Republicans] lost? What I don’t understand is this would never have happened with Roger Ailes running Fox. They pledged, all of them including Fox, not to call elections while people were still voting; the national outcome.”

Pollak noted that only Fox News prematurely projected a Democrat House majority. “Even CNN didn’t do it,” he recalled. “CNN and MSNBC, they would love to see Republicans lose, and they didn’t do it.”

Caddell remarked, “I wanted to ask [Jason Chaffetz] — who quit his seat to be a commentator on Fox — whether anyone that night raised any hell about this at Fox about doing this [or] allowing this. If I was still at Fox, I would have taken the roof off the building. They made a pledge not to do this stuff. Nobody writes an article. Why hasn’t Breitbart or someone gone to Fox and said, ‘Who made this decision to do this?’ It violates the agreement that you and all the networks made after 2000 with the Congress on the pledge they took not to do these things, calling elections while the polls are still open.’”  read more

9 Comments on Caddell: ‘Murdoch Sons’ ‘Need to Answer’ for Fox News Calling House for Dems While California Was Still Voting

  1. should not have any comments on any election while polls are open. None. zero.

    And wanting to do it? Thats manipulation.

  2. The Murdoch kids are progressive/liberals so don’t expect any explanation from them. As soon as the old man dies (maybe sooner) the Fox that we knew is going to start leaning left. I think it’s already starting.

  3. It’s the big leagues in the 24 hour news cycle. We don’t just report, we generate, we participate, hell, we are the news!

    Now back to Jim Acosta, on our sister network CNN, as he tells us more about that bastard, Trump.

  4. Fox is gone, finished, finito, kaput. I rarely turn on the TV any longer. Unless my Georgia Bulldogs are playing, and I have a renewed interest in the Braves, but I prefer the radio for baseball.

  5. I rarely turn on the box either. And i want a voting receipt from that machine. Its kinda fucked up when u need an id for almost everything, and, you most likely will get a receipt for any purchase, except for voting for the folks who we think will make a change. Happy Thanksgiving to u and yours

  6. I don’t really watch cable news, but that was a new low for FOX. This and the Acoster stuff.

    Someone wrote that they’re trying to pay the favor back for CNN having FOX’s back when 0bama trashed them. That one single time that they did. Did CNN go to a judge to help? Hell no! But this shit, with FOX going to a judge to have ONE CNN moron get his press pass back, when there are 20 other CNN reporters roaming the grounds at the press conferences was idiotic.

    Oh, and the other ignorant thing FOX did was take down the illegal alien caravan ad because someone said it was RAYCISS! Seriously stupid, FOX.


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