CAIR’s Obstruction of Trump’s ICE Raids

American Thinker:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the self-described “Muslim civil rights organization” with a history of undermining law enforcement, has put the migrant crisis front and center of its newest efforts.

Last week the Dallas-Fort Worth chapter of CAIR reissued a community advisoryaimed at undermining law enforcement efforts to conduct raids on illegal migrants who face a court removal order. The Trump administration has said it is focusing its efforts on carrying out removal orders on migrants involved in criminal activity.

Among the rights CAIR-DFW (and the national chapter) advises these undocumented immigrants to exercise in their “Know Your Rights” pamphlet are:

  1. The right to not open the door;
  2. The right to not answer questions;
  3. The right to refuse to sign papers;
  4. The legal right to have a lawyer present;

Of course, none of what CAIR says is untrue. Migrants do have such rights in our country, even though they have broken our laws by entering the country illegally. However, the scale of the problem is unprecedented. As stated by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in the Associated Press, in May alone, 137,887 migrants were taken into custody at the Mexican border, the highest number since 2007.

CBP’s executive director of operations Randy Howe stated on June 5, “We are bursting at the seams. This can’t continue.”

According to BuzzFeed, former ICE director  and commissioner of CBP Mark Morgan, argued that 2,000 immigrants were ordered deported for failing to appear in court. The commissioner further contended that they had been given an adequate level of due process and a chance to make their case in court.

But CAIR’s “Know Your Rights” pamphlet is a reminder of the organization’s long history of urging its supporters to resist cooperating with law enforcement. In 2011 CAIR caught flack after it shared a poster instructing supporters to “Build a Wall of Resistance-Don’t talk to the FBI”.

While CAIR later argued that displaying the anti-FBI poster had been a mistake, it was part of a larger pattern. As a Minneapolis Somali activist testified before Congress, CAIR had deliberately urged community members not to talk to the FBI about missing children whom parents feared had been recruited by the terror group Al-Shabaab. read more

5 Comments on CAIR’s Obstruction of Trump’s ICE Raids

  1. This is all just Democrat political grandstanding. Don’t talk to police is standard lawyer advice. Ditto don’t open the door. They can carry on demanding a lawyer all they want, but if there’s a removal order, there’s nothing the lawyer timely can do.

    ICE can nab them when they exit the premises and inform them that they don’t have to give their ID, but if they can’t prove that they’re not Soandso, there’s a removal order for Soandso and they’re getting hauled away as Soandso.

  2. Cair is now the least of our problems, now that we have senators and congressmaintainceholes aiding border crasher. That shit corey booker comes to mind.

  3. If those in Washington wanted this stopped they’d punish those traitorous greedy pricks that employ the illegals. That’s something never mentioned by anyone.
    Why would they stop coming when there’s jobs available if they can just get to the other side of the border?


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