Jenner Receives Brutal Facebook Message From “A Real Woman”

Buzzpo- If you were more than just a little offended when Caitlyn Jenner received the Arthur Ashe Courage Award, you’re certainly not alone.

bruce jenner

In fact, I think it’s safe to say that the majority of the country was truly appalled by the obvious publicity stunt and shameless ploy for the LGBT agenda.

Even Brett Favre couldn’t contain his disgust as an audience member at the ESPY Awards when Jenner walked past him to take the stage, deliver a long-winded speech and accept the grossly undeserved honor.

Well, one self-described “real woman” has taken to social media to school Jenner on the courage required to live as an actual female, and we think you will greatly enjoy what she had to say.  more

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  1. Ouch! That’s going to leave a mark.
    I don’t have a large circle of friends, being the curmudgeonly misanthrope type, every woman I have spoken to about this are both humiliated and outraged, even the few lib types, I don’t know any progs.
    Mental illness, celebrated like a holiday now.

  2. Entirely fruits…no vegetables…

    Her comments are unadulterated facts, which is waaay more than I can say for Brucie.

    The J.G. Giant

  3. “Arthur Ashe Courage Award”

    Did he run into a burning building and save a child?
    Did he single-handedly knock out 11 Jap machine gun nests?
    Did he face down an angry mob on the mean streets of Baltimore?
    Did he charge through a hedgerow in Normandy?
    Did he spend 37 days at the bottom of the Pacific in a Submarine?
    Did he climb into The Challenger?

  4. The bottom line here is, in the event of a catastrophe, something like 9/11, when they go to identify the bodies by DNA or tissue samples. . . Bruce Jenner would be identified as a man.

  5. Waiting for that woman to suffer the “Trump/Hulk Hogan treatment” from the Gaystapo in 3…2…1…

  6. Bruce is not Brave, he is deluded.
    His mental illness gives him the delusion that he is a woman.
    I have nothing other than pity for Bruce
    Now, the media Whores who applaud, gush over, declare as inspirational, enable, and otherwise celebrate this sad and tragic figure in the process of irreversibly maiming his body: these people I hate with a fine, clean hate.
    They are riding the media coattail of a man destroying themselves.
    They are the equivalent of cannibals applauding the high wire act for working without a net. Hoping for a taste.
    When the inevitable tragic end comes these same Whores will cry and emote in front of a any nearby camera and attempt to out do each other by crying how their lives were touched by Bruce’s life.

    Staked to an anthill is better than they deserve.

  7. Gee, Tim…I was totally unaware that Arthur Ashe did all that stuff.

    Maybe we should give him the Bruce Jenner award.

  8. Arthur Ashe Courage Award went to Michael Sam last year for licking his own crap off another man’s penis so it shouldn’t really surprise anyone that Bruce got the award this year. Just look for the most mentally deranged person in the spotlight and they are a frontrunner for the award. This award _provides_ these people courage, it doesn’t honor them for _having_ courage.

  9. What the holy hell did Arthur Ashe do? He was a blithering tennis player. The lowest activity on the sports pecking order (next to croquet and field darts). He did, however, make a racquet full of money and live far better than 99.5% of the human population! Yeah right, that does take courage!!!

  10. My personal choice is to keep referring to him as “Bruce” and using male pronouns until he gets the lopadickoffme.

    But of course, that’s only off the clock. If i want to keep my job and my pension, I have to play the game. It is the policy of my employer, the New York State Unified Court System, to allow litigants to “gender self-determine.”

    More fucking stress I don’t need.

  11. Well……I’ve had to exhibit courage for the past 38 years by getting up and going to work every day. Why do I say this? Because, despite my having managed to fool my classmates into thinking me a “Most Likely to Succeed” type, it was actually my heart’s desire to be a wife and mother. When I left school, I encountered a society in which traditional values had gone kaflooey, and my wanting to be a full-time homemaker made me less, not more, attractive as a marriage partner.

    The courage I’ve had to exhibit more of lately is simply the courage to accept I won’t become a Mrs. and just go it alone, as the men in my age group have decided that young bimbos with big boobs are more to their liking. Forget about dating younger men; those dudes have been so marginalized by the women’s movement that I don’t even want them and their pitiful cellar-dwelling, computer games-playing, porn-uploading selves.

    Progressivism…..screwing traditional women over since the 60s.

  12. Brucie should have gotten the PT Barnum “A Sucker Born Every Minute” award! That’s what he is making us all out to be. Start a freak show by putting on a dress, enhancing his manly boobs and strut like a $5.00 whore. Then ride the notoriety all the way to to a boatload of riches. We all (me included) have spent far too much time, energy and ridicule on what is essentially a festering pimple on the butt of an inflamed boil.

  13. Hey, if Chairman Zero can get a Nobel for doing nothing I guess they can give Espys to mentally ill folks.

  14. Remember this quote?


    “Feels like a woman?”

    What, has menstrual cramps?
    Gets PMS?
    Worries about getting pregnant?

    No, dude, I don’t think you feel like a woman. If you knew what it really felt like to be a woman, you’d run screaming back to man-land.

    — Name Redacted(TM)

  15. But the real reason you know he isn’t a woman, is that Bruce Jenner is worth $100 million. Kris Jenner is only worth $30 million, thus proving that women don’t make as much as men.

  16. Who’s going to be responsible for the person he killed in that crash btw? If it was Bruce’s fault I suppose Caitlyn wasn’t in the car that day?
    His head must have been fuzzy from all those drugs and lady bits.

  17. I don’t know if you are 38 or older, but my niece at age 40 went on one of the reputable dating sites 7 years ago and found a perfect match. She had her first child at 40 and second at 42 (no fertility treatments – just the blessing of God and good genes). They are a wonderful family and have proved that there are good guys out there looking for a good girl.

  18. I’ve read your comments before and have the gist of your work situation (hellish) and I absolutely feel for you. Just wanted to say that.

    I do know some men who aren’t looking for booby bimbos. They are in their 60’s and have never been married. But they are sooooooooo far away from where you live, yup, it would take a dating site to get together. Not saying you should do that..

    Just commiserating.

  19. NAMES! Give us names! hehe

    I concur with GFY, although I didn’t want kids (medically no; but would have considered a couple of used ones). Gave up some time ago, but still have bouts of loneliness. I’m pretty good at fighting it, so no complaints.

    I feel sorry for younger ladies that only find the metrosexuals that seem to be everywhere. Sigh.

  20. Tennis is a full conditioning sport, unlike the others you mentioned. Why does he sponsor a courage award ? I don’t know.

  21. He’s going to court for it. Who knows when, but TSG will be on the story. HaHa. Jenner did manage to let the public believe his step daughter was the driver when the media implied so, before the truth came out.
    He’s a wonderful dad.

  22. Feeling the same way as a man, giving up the chase for the woman that views romance & loyalty more important than Alimony & Child Support.

  23. I’m wondering who will be the first “brave” man to step up and help consummate BruceCait’s transition. And whose penis will they use?

  24. Brucie says he still likes women . . so does that make him a lesbian with a schlong?
    Is that the “new normal?”

  25. Arthur Ashe was known to be down low. Sorry, to disillusion fans of Ashe. Seems appropriate an award named after Ashe goes to deviates on a regular basis now.


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