Cal-3 Will Be Put to a Statewide Vote

California voters to weigh splitting into three states.


A billionaire venture capitalist’s bid to split California into three separate states has earned a spot on the ballot in November’s mid-term elections.

If Tim Draper’s Cal-3 initiative gets a majority vote, it would trigger a long process to split California into northern, southern and central states.

Mr Draper had campaigned unsuccessfully for six years, initially with a plan to divide the state into six new regions.

It is the first time in 150 years that this choice is on the state’s ballot.

Should the proposal become a reality, it would be the first division of a state since West Virginia split off from Virginia in 1863.

According to a memo filed on Tuesday by California’s Secretary of State, Mr Draper collected more than 402,468 signatures across the state’s counties for the proposal.

Cal-3 aims to break California into three new states: Northern California, Southern California and California.


There are those that say this initiative is “©Russian Meddling.”


24 Comments on Cal-3 Will Be Put to a Statewide Vote

  1. The way he has it split we’re going to end up with three states controlled by libtards. What’s the point?

  2. The way he has it split we’re going to end up with three states controlled by libtards. What’s the point?>>>


  3. A better proposal would be to get back to having one congressman for every 30,000 citizens as mandated by the constitution, instead of a fixed 435 congressmen. And while we are at it, how about getting back to having the states select senators.

  4. Immediately after being partitioned, the Plan will be for all 3 Cali’s to request annexation by Mexico.

    “Stolen land”, etc.

  5. This is a terrible plan. Each of the new states has one of California’s major metropolitan areas which are deep blue or, in the case of San Diego, turning blue. It also appears that no consideration was made for water rights. The plan really solves nothing except to provide Democrats with more Federal legislative seats once the gerrymandering is done.

    The matter may have qualified for the ballot, but that is as far as it will get. Liberal Democrats control the entire state although they are concentrated in California’s urban areas, and being the liberals they are, will not let go of political power. But that’s neither here nor there – I would have voted against this plan as well.

  6. Jefferson is a way better idea. Why in the hell would you put the Bay Area in Northern California? The guys in NorCal don’t want SF, do they?

  7. Tony R

    Yes, I know it’s a very old movement. It has an interesting history. I guess not much has changed.

  8. Tony R, if we had one congress critter for every 30,000 citizens we would have over 10,800 of those damn things. I’m not sure that would work out so well.

  9. Split it along the true fault line — coastal vs interior

    Then call the two states “Yosemite” and “Coast Strip One”

  10. Get rid of the cities.
    Cities are parasitic rat-infestations and cannot survive without their hinterlands.
    I’d like to see MO give St. Louis to Illinois and KC to Kansas.
    Could probably halve our budget – and reduce the crime rate by 75%.

    Oh, and if they decide to do it, give the counties equal representation in the Upper House – otherwise the maggots win it all.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Bad Brad: Speaking for South California, we’re pretty damn Conservative and I don’t think we will be like the rest of the state. If it were true that Californians were all the same then sure, there would be no difference’
    Yes they could have probably done a better job of division.

  12. Too bad Kim is in friendly mode with Trump. I was kind of hoping he’d nuke all the lib cities in Kali before this.


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