CALI “Super Bloom” Draws Massive Crowds

The Southern California city of Lake Elismore has reopened access to Walker Canyon and reinstated the shuttle service after closing the site due to “Disney like crowds” coming to see the poppy fields that have bloomed in abnormal abundance. More 

An estimated 50,000 descended upon the Riverside County area on Saturday alone, with some parking illegally on the interstate. One tourist was bitten by a rattlesnake. More


5 Comments on CALI “Super Bloom” Draws Massive Crowds

  1. Gee Wally, why is there a sign there that sez:
    Shop Local
    Eat Local
    Spend Local
    Enjoy Local
    Support the Local businesses
    who support the area.

    Cuz Beave, this is California’s new way to help bolster their busted budget!

  2. “… poppies! … poppies! …
    and your little dog, Toto, too!”

    Yeah, can’t allow the peons to enjoy a free nature show.

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. Rode dirt bikes all over those hills in the early ’70s.
    That would get you a trip to jail today.
    The bike was a Honda Elsinore.

  4. @McFartus
    I’ve been there many times in the last 54 years. It’s a pimple on So. Cal’s ass. An unsightly burg with poor whites and a lot of drugs going down. The lake is more like an oversized pond. I wouldn’t even put my big toe in it.

    But to get there over the Ortega Highway from San Juan Capistrano is a thrill and biker’s heaven.

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