California: A convicted murderer was released to help reduce COVID-19 spread in prison. The victim’s family is outraged

Blaze: A woman convicted of a brutal murder was released 19 years into what was supposed to be a minimum 84-year sentence because the prison was concerned about the potential spread of COVID-19, KOVR-TV reported.

Terebea Williams, 44, was convicted in 2001 of the 1998 murder of 23-year-old John Ruska. Williams carjacked Ruska, put him in the trunk of his own car, shot him in the abdomen, drove 750 miles with him in the trunk, then tied him up in a hotel room where he suffered for hours alone before dying. more here

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  1. Tell me again how releasing really dangerous criminal’s back into society, help with the spreading or non-spreading of the Kung Fu Flu? 🤔

    How do we even know that she doesn’t have the frickin flu, and if she did, do you really think they would tell the public? 🤔

    Thoughts and Prayers to the family, and I hope they are lawyering up. 🕊️❤️🙏

  2. Her next victim’s family is going to be outraged too. I hope they sue everyone responsible for her release.

  3. The liberal mind is beyond comprehension. It is satanic, destructive, hateful, insidious and most any other negative adjective one can conjure up.

    The elimination of liberalism is the only cure.

  4. Terebea. Dat sounds like Tarbaby. Dat be rayciss. She be needun a full pardon. Her victim had white privilege. Kiss off you white devils.

  5. “It’s appalling to me everything that’s been allowed to happen,” Karri Phillips, Ruska’s cousin, told KOVR.

    I have a fair amount of sympathy for you and Ruska’s family, but that was an exceedingly stupid statement, Karri Phillips. Everything wasn’t “allowed to happen”. Everything happened as a result of conscious decisions and deliberate actions. Callous and malevolent conscious decisions, and deliberately evil actions.

  6. Family: Rejoice.

    Load weapons, find scumbag (you know where he hangs), eliminate scumbag.

    Rinse. Repeat. Rejoice.

  7. …i’m with Flip. She’s not protected behind high walls any more. Family, take care of business, then either shovel and shut up, or calmly hand your smoking gun to the officer and see if a jury will refuse to convict. Either way, Terebea needs to be Buriedbea.

    …although a gut shot and a long drive down a bumpy road in a car trunk for HER would have a certain atraction TOO, just sayin’…

  8. If they voted leftie then they have no right to be upset since they got what they voted for.

    Sorry the young man died, but especially after violent crime I cannot understand people voting There are so many victims of crime, one would expect the voters lefties would eventually run out of voters.

  9. If Barr and crew are working hard to straighten up this country’s judicial system there’s no signs of it so far.

  10. If these masks we’re forced to wear actually work, then why can’t we just have the convicts wear them?

  11. @Uncle Al: I stand corrected.

    Suing the architects of this policy assumes the system works and justice will be done. Obviously untrue by the very fact that this criminal was released before serving her full sentence.

    I am aware (not ‘woke’) that politicians and bureaucrats have declared war on the citizenry and are using these criminals –and the Coalition of the Eternal Victimhood (BLM, LBTGetc, feminists, illegal aliens,and so on)– as their foot soldiers in the first skirmishes.

    I am hopeful, but not optimistic, that the swamp may yet be drained and we may avoid the full fledged anarchy they seem to be inciting.

  12. The article uses an image of San Quentin to head the release of a woman murder.
    The last genetic female prisoner served there in 1932


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