California: Advocates Say “Inhumane” For Homeless to “Walk 500 Feet to Pee”

Dan Bongino:

Los Angeles is facing the worst poverty and homelessness crisis it has ever seen. According to the, “there are more than 27,000 people experiencing unsheltered homelessness in the city of Los Angeles at any given time.” However, there are “only about 8,100 shelter beds. More than half of those beds are reserved for families and children.”

The result? Streets flooded with individuals who have no place to go. California has been at battle because their homeless population congregates on public sidewalks, tent encampments and even individuals’ private property. The issue has “mushroomed into perhaps the most distressing and politically toxic issue in Southern California today.” read more

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  1. Walk 500 feet to pee. Or, stagger 5 feet to bleed to death. If I had to deal with that, that’s my final offer.

  2. i.e.: Democratic city and state politicians are hog-tied by their own policies and elect to do nothing but complain about the results of their own un-actions to said policies. Because Republicans have not been voted in so they can blame them for their democratic failures, they do nothing. It’s a catch-22, they get reelected and the problems continue. Sick people, these democrats and the people that vote them in.

  3. I am officially running for President in 2024
    I shall be known as the Work Farm President.
    Under my administration it will be illegal to practice vagrancy.
    There will be farms, and I do mean farms. Vagrants and drug and alcohol using miscreants will be darted like bears and will serve their sentence being productive.
    Veterans will be picked up and given the same treatment as a Movie star in rehab. they will be treated and given all possible resources to help them along.
    But no American should be on the street.
    The mentally ill will be housed in secure facilities until evaluation, possible treatment and warehousing if they are unable to help themselves.
    Vagrants can play bongos and smoke all the legal dope they want. As long as they give me ten hours in the fields.

  4. Hmmmm. Nice plan Lazlo.

    My scheme only requires two dozen unmarked white vans and a backhoe.

    Plan B is to convince ANTIFA that the homeless are actually fascists in disguise.

  5. …move them into all the very lightly occupied, no-wall, no borders, no private property loving movie star mansions and politician’s compounds.

    Problem solved. Plenty of places to pee THERE …

  6. “yeah, before you abuse,
    criticize & accuse,
    walk 500 feet in my shoes”

    … just doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?

  7. Inhumane huh? OK. Pee on the door handles at City Hall, crap wherever ya want. God forbid anyone should look down upon you for being inconvenienced.

  8. FINE

    This problem was created by the smellocrats
    and has persisted in cities controlled by the
    smellocrats for decades

    And what have the smellocrats done about it ?


    Somehow the smellocrats think that it is those
    evil nasty thinking republicans who must solve the problem that the smellocrats created and insist on continuing.

  9. This is a drug problem masquerading as a homeless problem. All the free stuff they are given is enabling the drug use.

  10. Meanwhile, across the pond in the mother country, there is a housing shortage/crisis to the point where they simply had no more dwellings to put anyone. This, of course, after years of practically giving away new digs – including some renovated (e.g. two apartments merged into one for large families) – to native Brit and foreigners alike with such wild abandon that people bitched why the place they got wasn’t as nice as So and So’s and gratitude was an endangered value.

    Well, it’s pretty much extinct now, because despite them renovating former storage containers (about the size of a trailer house, with windows installed and made up to the best of their ability) to serve as temporary shelters until they get something better in place, the people who live in them are bitching about how “inhumane” it is to have to be there. They are for animals, one recipient stated, not humans. She bitched not about any unsafe conditions or perilous positioning of the dwellings, but rather because it’s too small and super ugly. She didn’t have to get her tan from standing in the English rain, nor sleep in a box with her legs sticking out or tuck her children to sleep beneath a bridge. But she didn’t think of THAT because she’s too focused on the fact that the kitchenette, as the name implies, is tiny or there are only two bedrooms. ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME ME. ALWAYS FUCKING ME.

    And she certainly never thought about the service members now sleeping on the streets while her entitled, ungrateful ass lays in an actual bed in a clean, dry, warm place and she can prepare food from a stable base from which to apply for various jobs.

    Well, at least she doesn’t have to walk far to the loo, there’s that!

  11. chuckie – THANK YOU for the info.
    Just from sight knew gavin newsome was also a bottom feeding POS!
    His talent is spewing it from mouth to tale,,
    Just like Auntie Nancy


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