California Allows Illegal Aliens to Vote: So Each POTUS Ballot Should Be Disqualified

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LidBlog: The official number of illegal aliens in the state of California is nearly 3 million. We can estimate the number to be more than double this amount in reality.

Over half of all drivers license issued in California were given to individuals who are here illegally and the state automatically registers those with a driver’s license to vote.

In 2015, California Governor Jerry Brown (D-CA) signed a bill giving full voting rights to illegal aliens. This gives them the right to vote in all elections from a local level to national elections, including that of choosing who will become President.  MORE

14 Comments on California Allows Illegal Aliens to Vote: So Each POTUS Ballot Should Be Disqualified

  1. How is that even legal that a Governor can decide who votes in a federal election? What other nation on earth allows illegals to vote in their elections? We are fools.

  2. The federal elections commission will abdicate their responsibilities just as obama and all other federal agencies of the federal government have done. Not surprised at all.

  3. TO Stop2think
    100+ TU


    On the bright side, California was going for the Dem candidate anyway….so if 100 or 100,000,000 vote, it’s the same delegate count.

    PROBLEM will be when those illegals are allowed to be counted in population to garner more delegates.

  4. The Next American Revolution® clock just ticked up another minute closer to midnight!

    Any minute now…

  5. The 3 million is a number that somebody came up with years ago and it hasn’t changed. Most counts come up with 5-7 million.
    As to the law, well, our constitution says that Jerry Brown cannot be governor so everything he does in office is illegal.

  6. Beelzebub Barrack and his minions don’t give a damn about legal. The will literally reach into hell to insure victory. WARNING: Don’t look into their eyes, even in a photo.

    Unfortunately, the opposition’s stay-at-home-to-protest voters will bite off their own noses to ensure that THEIR outrage is expressed, and ensure that their vote doesn’t support Trump, Cruz, or other Democrat opposition candidate that they don’t like.

    I understand it’s your vote to cast or hold in protest. What I don’t understand is not voting AGAINST THE BASTARDS trying, (and doing a very good job of it). To completely destroy America. (Stay at homes elected Obama in 2012).

    I am so frustrated and angry at all the illegal finagling of both sides, that it is so easy to want turn my back and bury my head, thinking that my vote just won’t count. Apathy is a win for the hellions of the progressive party.

    I worry about Trump because he feels like his political house is built on sand.

    I worry about Cruz because he has the crazy, radical, Glenn Beck, speaking for him and that is awful. It has eroded my support of Cruz.

    But I want the damn professional political progressive puppet masters and the horribly biased MSM to back off. We, the people, will choose the person we want.

    I’m voting AGAINST Hillary, Sanders, or ANY candidate the HELL sent democrats put up in the general election. I’m voting FOR the candidate running against the democratic ticket, even if it is a damn WORM!

    We’ve had a horned devil for 7 1/2
    years, worm would be an upgrade.

  7. Gads, against my own advise, I looked at the photo, again. Boondoggle Jerry looks like the snake he is. Evil personified, without disguise.

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