California: Banning Mini Bottles Of Soap Will, Like, Totally Save The World And Stuff

Political Cowboy: Not to be outdone by New York’s recent ban of plastic grocery bags (and, of course, a tax on their paper replacements), California is preparing to, like, totally save the world by banning those adorable mini bottles of soap and shampoo you get at hotels.

For the state’s stalwart population of hippies, foregoing soap might not be a big deal, but I’m guessing most California hotel guests aren’t visiting the state for hackeysack and drum circles.

CBS News in San Francisco reports:

Latest: California: Banning Mini Bottles Of Soap Will, Like, Totally Save The World And Stuff

“In California alone hotels use hundreds of millions of single use plastic bottles every year,” said Assembly Member Ash Kalra of San Jose.

Kalra is co-authoring a bill that would ban the tiny plastic bottles at almost 10,000 hotels state wide.

“We can get those bottles out of the waste stream, but also cut the production of them, which is also harmful to the environment,” he said.


Oh, California. How adorable. Nevermind the fact that overregulation and consumer product bans only further cripple your economy, do you realize—or care—that single-use plastic bans accomplish next to nothing in the way of saving the environment? Even these hippies get it.  MORE HERE

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  1. “Not to be outdone by New York’s recent ban of plastic grocery bags…”

    CA sez, “Hold my beer and watch THIS!!!” 🙄

  2. Ban straws and mini bottles. But a big fat NO to clean nucular power. Brilliant.
    Also, USA is about the only country that has seen a significant decline in CO2 (not that we care) – but it is due to increased use of natural gas so leftists hate it, even though it and nuclear are the precise remedies for their supposed problem.

  3. California midgets hardest hit….gets em’ by the short hairs….Lilyput is gonna boycott….Shetland Islands mounts a charge towards Sacramento….MMA dwarf tossing reaches a new low….The mini-bar vows a volume change……Shreck will buy a mini Donkey and name it Herve….”Shoot low Sheriff, they’re ridin’ shetlands”….

  4. So this now means all the hotels / motels will now have to supply the rooms with full-size bottles of shampoo & bars of soap to keep the customers checking in to their establishment. A one to three night stay on average & they leave the rest behind to go to the landfills. Way to save the environment you “Smart Prog”.

  5. they should ban those plastic, single use syringes they so freely pass out. There is much more chance of a small plastic shampoo bottle in a hotel properly entering the waste stream and being recycled, than that of a syringe given to some junkie under a bridge somewhere.
    require paper straws? sure, right along with paper syringes

  6. “CA sez, “Hold my beer and watch THIS!!!” 🙄”

    …more like “pass the joint and watch THIS, @Bob M….

  7. someone should ask the gov. of calif and adam schiff if their good friend ed buck recycles his syringes

  8. The trees, grass, and other plants on my property get really nervous when people talk about lowering the levels of carbon dioxide.

    Didn’t they learn that plants need carbon dioxide to make precious oxygen?

    If they haven’t noticed, the earth is fairly good at cleaning itself.

  9. This is just a continuation of the Happy Meal ban. It’s been well documented that most people in elected government aren’t competent to govern, (see the popularity contests that elected your student government). In order to “be effective”, the have to “do something”. Balancing an budget is hard work. properly administering all of the public infrastructure is hard work, too. Keeping people safe and maintaining order is super hard work. But telling restaurant and hotel owners what to do? That’s easy!!! So they preen and crow about how they’ve “done something” and get re-elected on raising the cost and lowering the standard of living for their constituents.

  10. Do local hotels in the third world use them?

    If they don’t need them then we don’t either.

    We need to raise our standards to meet theirs.

  11. How do Americans deal with hypocrisy today?
    Personally, not reading editorials or novels written in comments sections,,,
    Be well!


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