California: Berkeley Votes to Ban Use of Word ‘Manholes’ in the Name of Inclusivity

The city voted Tuesday night to replace gendered terms in its municipal codes, like ‘manhole’ and ‘manpower,’ with gender-neutral ones like ‘maintenance hole’ and ‘human effort.’

MRCTV: The city of Berkeley, California, a prosperous and beautiful metropolitan area, has its priorities straight. Yes, like all left-wing cities, Berkeley is addressing the most pressing issue of the day, with its City Council: Getting rid of all “gendered” terms in municipal codes. more here

11 Comments on California: Berkeley Votes to Ban Use of Word ‘Manholes’ in the Name of Inclusivity

  1. There are numerous Gay Bars that have been called “The man Hole”.

    I think Berkeley should get sued for banning the term.

    SJW’s Tripping on their own dicks again.

    Google it!

  2. It’s nice to know that Berkley has so few problems to address that the city council has to look for “make work” minor trivial and make believe issues to spend their time on in order to have something to do.

    Must be a real dream city to live in.

  3. They can name them shit holes to reflect their governing or they can name them buttholes after themselves. There’s just two options.

  4. what about …
    Mandrake the Magician?
    Man O’ War?
    Man Of War?

    & … see it?
    Cayman Islands

    consider … Adam and Eve …. see it? … the last letter of ‘adam’ & the first 2 letters of ‘and’????

    where does this madness end? …… our overthrow, if we don’t stop this absurdity

    we need to tell every idiot that does this … politely, politely … you have no power here, because we grant you none … now, sit down & stfu before some drops a house on you

  5. “Riegel Robinson, who spearheaded the new legislation,..”

    If they’re offended by the name, “manhole”, shouldn’t they also be offended by the word, “spearheaded”?

    Riegel Robinson ought to be sent back to where he came from in St. Louis. Let him first successfully fix St. Louis before returning to Berkley and showing them how he did it. Oh wait, St. Louis has enough problems already, maybe shipping RR west to Berkley was an early first step in an effort to improve St. Louis. .

    If that is the kind of screwed up thinking an education at Berkley provides it would be better to avoid it.

  6. Control the language;
    Control the dialogue (monologue or more precisely, narrative).

    The nihilists know this.
    We acquiesce because we (think) we see larger, more important, issues (which there are, of course) but a mute has some difficulty even asking for a drink of water.

    izlamo delenda est …


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