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California Bows to SCOTUS, Loosens Requirements for Carry Permits


Revolver: Let’s not forget about the other big win this week. Even California’s AG fell in line.
California Attorney General says “effective immediately, issuing authorities should no longer require proof of good cause for the issuance of a public-carry license.” more

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  1. Oh, that is cute. If you want to get a CC permit in Santa Clara county you have to donate 10k to the Sheriff. If you don’t he won’t be bothered when a homeless person on bath salts eats your face.

  2. No open defiance of the SC yet.

    Because they are confident the fraud who stole the presidency will steal the SC by packing and mudering for them after the “elections”, as soon as he is told to do so, which means you want to pretend obedience now so you can force obedience on others later.

  3. “But he (AG Bonta) said the decision still allows the state to require things like an assessment of a person’s dangerousness.”

    For example, being a Trump supporter? White Christian? These assholes never stop. They will pass their laws, and it will be years before it gets to the SC where it will be deemed unconstitutional. And then they will just repeat the process. They are exactly the reason we have a 2A.

  4. Seems to me that open carry is now legal in states like CA as well. there’s nothing in the 2nd Amendment that makes an exception for open carry.

    Brad, wanna expand on my thoughts on this?

    I don’t think so. I think the decision solely dealt with obtaining a Carry Permit. But there seems to be more coming out about this daily
    As far as California bowing to SCOTUS. Your right to carry a gun in California is determined by the county, not the state. The county I live in, and most rural counties in this state are “shall issue counties”. I believe California’s AG was probably also swayed by Alex Villanueva sudden reversal in historically not issuing permits. In case you missed it, he held a press conference some time back and announced he could no longer protect the citizens of LA County and would start issuing Carry Permits to anybody that wanted one and could qualify. They’re not publishing the numbers of new permits since that statement, but judging by comments on and Gun Owners of California he has followed thru.


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