California: “Bridge Housing” to “Tent City”

CFP: Crews erected about 150 tents at a site for a city and county-approved homeless encampment underneath the Ninth Street Bridge along the Tuolumne River in Modesto, California.

This is what you call “bridge housing,” contrary to the Los Angeles VA’s idea of it, which calls for spending $5 million to house 100 Veterans in a few trailers (their so-called bridge housing) right next to the VA police HQ.

For $5 million, we could build a large “Transitional Tent City” on the VA property and take a giant step toward finally ending Veteran homelessness in Los Angeles as promised in the scandalous “settlement agreement” signed more than four years ago by then VA Secretary Robert A. McDonald and the ACLU’s non-Veteran attorney, Ron Olson.

It’s way past time to do the “Right Thing” and honor the promises made, including the settlement’s promised “exit strategy” to evict UCLA’s baseball diamond, Brentwood School’s sports complex, the City of LA’s 12-acre, “rent free” public dog park, the Brentwood Shopping Village’s 4-acre, “rent free” public parking lot, etc. more here

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  1. I went back to college as a mature adult and in one of my classes the topic was raised about housing the homeless, out of work Americans. I suggested that opening up already prepared campgrounds and rest areas could be done, since during the depression, the federal workers program actually built many of these government funded areas. The outcry in the classroom from the much younger adults was very negative to this suggestion. Why? Because it would deprive them of recreational places to go have fun. Compassion for the needy, less fortunate has to be taught. Unselfishment is not an easily acquired character trait which is what almost all politicians, government officials, and millionaire liberal/Communists lack.

  2. So, the government will BLOW billions of dollars to house socially retarded welfare recipients for generations in nice buildings overlooking the best parts of town (Cabrini Green overlooking Lake Michigan in Chicago) but, they can’t spend any money just for veterans?

    Put up a 100 unit in every city in America, just for vets that is CLOSE to the V.A. hospital if possible.

    Take a few billion from Pakistan and Afghanistan to fund it. Don’t worry, their country will still be a shithole with a few billion less.

  3. Hey, hey, hey. Don’t question Calicommie’s intentions. The important thing is for California liberals to suck worthless bums out of every state in the west so worthless bums will vote for democrats. Really hope bum vacuum is still working when it gets to Portland’s City Hall.

  4. When did a stint in the military mean taking care of every need for life? These days so many of these guys expect the world for a few years service. They shouldn’t expect every need for the rest of their lives to be attended to. If so many are homeless there’s something else wrong. I served honorably and didn’t ask or expect anything, that’s why it’s called service.
    Yes, vets should have medical needs addressed and if maimed or otherwise disabled compensated but it’s been grossly abused by some of these babies.
    Is being a vet an excuse for playing the victim scam?


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