California: Brown Signs Law Banning Shotgun, Rifle Sales To Those Under 21

Daily Caller: California Gov. Jerry Brown signed legislation Friday that will ban the sale of shotguns and rifles to those under the age of 21.

It is already illegal to purchase a handgun in California, unless you’re 21 or older, according to the San Jose Mercury News.

The bill was introduced by Democratic state Sen. Anthony Portantino, who said the February mass shooting in Parkland, Fla. gave him the impetus to promote the legislation.

Portantino said in a Friday statement he was “very grateful to Governor Brown for his leadership in signing this important bill.”

The legislation brought swift condemnation from Second Amendment activists at The Firearms Policy Coalition.

“Governor Brown just told millions of people under 21 that they can fight and die for our state and country with machine guns, but they can’t buy a gun for self-defense in their homes,” tweeted spokesman Craig DeLuz. “That’s nuts.”  MORE

12 Comments on California: Brown Signs Law Banning Shotgun, Rifle Sales To Those Under 21

  1. If anyone under 21 is too immature to buy a gun, he is too immature to vote.

    And as long as we’re putting age requirements on enumerated rights, people under 21 should be prohibited from buying books, going to church, griping to their elected “representatives”, and, hell, they should be forbidden to speak or write.

  2. Take those fucking guns away from all those eighteen year old Marines, Soldiers, and Sailors. Do it Moon beam. Just do it! You Da Man.

  3. I bought my first shotgun for bird hunting, a 12 gauge Savage 3 shot automatic when I was 16 in 1969. I also used my dad’s Winchester model 1200 12 gauge pump shot gun. I still have the Winchester, the Savage long ago was a piece of junk since it jammed too much when it ejected the shells.

  4. Attention: Every Kalipornia person under the age of 21, that has joined any branch of the US military, including Kalipornia National Guard or any Kalipornia Police or Sheriffs Office, shall hereon surrender any & all firearms to the Kalipornia State House, or Governor Moonbeam’s office immediately, forthwith

  5. In the interest of National Security, PDT should just wall it up and concede it to Mejhico. Why should the rest of the Country allow a seditious state to endanger the rest of the nation. Oh, and if Oregon and Washington want to join them, have at it.

    One more thing Gov,(my Columbo impression), when all those irate state workers want their pensions from the states bankrupt pension funds, you’re on your own. Sayonara.

  6. All gun laws are or should be under the federal 2nd Amendment.

    The 1st Amendment is state-wide, why not the rest of our rights?

    Unfortunately, the police will gleefully enforce illegal laws, and that’s why I hate the police, they are not on our side, and never were. The politicians pay them, not us.

  7. no problamo, new birthday presents for all my under 21 nieces, nephews, and grand childrens. when you’re born into mi familia, you get a gun! and a sword!

  8. Before he was 21, Audie Murphy, the most decorated U.S. soldier of World War II, had won the Congressional Medal of Honor. At the end of the war, he had killed 240 German soldiers, had been wounded three times, and had earned 33 awards and medals.

    Put that in your peace pipe and smoke it, Jerry Brown.

  9. OK, you want a gun. I need to see your ID.
    OK, your here to vote, just go ahead,,,
    English reading booths on the right side,
    Non-English, it does not matter, we will just adjust later anyway…

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