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California cities beg for minimum wage hike waivers

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RS: A Fox News report talks to city officials and businesses who are sweating at the prospect of a minimum wage hike that has been approved by the idiot legislators in California.

Even left-wing economists are worried they’re screwing with the market too much!!

From the New York Times:

By moving toward a plan to raise the statewide minimum wage to $15 an hour by 2022, the state could raise living standards for millions of workers. But it could also increase unemployment among some of the very same economically marginal workers the wage increase is intended to help. Read more

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  1. This goes way beyond a OOOOPSIE moment…. California lawmakers are the poster children for the USSR model commies….not a brain cell left working among the lot of them….let’s ship them all back to Putin..he can put them to good use in Siberia….shoveling snow.

  2. Here’s what will happen:

    1. The prog scum running that state will grant minimum wage waivers only to unions.

    2. This will make union labor more attractive to employers.

    3. Workers will have to join the union if they want to get a job.

    4. Employers will have to use union work if they want to stay competitive (at first).

    5. Unions control all low skill labor.

    6. Businesses that use low skill labor must pay shakedown fee to unions to prevent strikes.

    7. Low skill workers must do as the union tells them or get blackballed from the only jobs they can get.

    Once again… Fuck you democrats. May you all get ass cancer and die in screaming agony.

  3. The solution to all this is really simple. Just raise the min. wage to $1,000,000 per hour. Then we could all retire as millionaires at the end of the day! Boom! No more poverty!

  4. I’m confused.
    Cities in California want to be exempted from a higher minimum wage, and have non-urban areas required to provide it.
    clinton argues that NYC should have the higher minimum wage and the rural areas should be exempted from it. Actually, I think that is the way their law is written.
    I guess it could boil down to ‘states rights’, but there is no consistency present. Maybe industry/manufacturing in CA should move to rural NY?
    Prior to CA’s primaries, someone should pin clinton down on her outspoken approach to NY’s law as it applies to CA’s approach. Maybe she’d yield up a cough or two, or maybe even a bark.

  5. Reality finally head-butts these fukin idiots who have been racing to the bottom screaming “Last one down the drain is a Commie turd”! Now they’re sweating bullets knowing they are Cloward-Pivening their own asses to the wall of shame!!

  6. Awww. No sympathy here – Urban center are those who vote in the Dems, I hope the legislators stand tough, but even if they don’t, I pray a few of the idiots wake up to what they did to themselves (but I won’t hold my breath, sigh…)

  7. Shell companies with a homeless guy you pay in drugs as principal, no assets, and all-leased equipment? Check,

    Employees are all illegal aliens, making $5/hour? Check.

    Bags of bribery cash for the corrupt inspectors? Check.

    Clients understand and pay in cash? Check.

    The new California “economy.”

  8. We left California for good a week ago today and are now settled in Indiana. I I have one new neighbor with a “Trump! Make America great again!” sign in his window, and another with a bumper sticker that says “Not A Liberal” with a Ted Cruz sticker next to it. I think I’m going to like it here. 🙂

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