California cities top list of towns with worst roads in US

Congratulations, California. The top three cities with the worst roads are all from the Golden State.

The nonprofit organization TRIP, which researches transportation issues, released a report on Wednesday listing the country’s roughest roads.

California drivers probably are not surprised by the findings, which state that the top three worst areas in the nation for rough roads comes from our state.

The San Francisco Oakland area — congrats to you, you’re No. 1. According to the report, 71 percent of the roads there are in bad shape.

San Jose came in second with 64 percent, and the Los Angeles area came in third with 57 percent. read more

7 Comments on California cities top list of towns with worst roads in US

  1. 🔴 Bad roads create demand.

    🔴 Demand is filled by increased taxes.

    🔴 Those taxes go to democrat-friendly unions.

    🔴 Some of those union dues go back to democrat campaign coffers.

    Now you know why there are bad roads. . .

  2. My friends son worked on a road crew on a CalDOT project, as a flagger. Prevailing wage job. $50 an hour! For a flagger!!!

  3. California passed a special gasoline tax solely for the purpose of road improvements, but apparently didn’t spend the money on roads. I’m actually not surprised by this because many state politicians want to get people out of personal automobiles and into mass transportation. I did notice that I didn’t see Beverly Hills or Sacramento on these lists which is no surprise, but nice roads are actually just the opposite of what many of the legislators want.

    I would actually support a $.20 per gallon gasoline tax hike if the money were devoted to building a high speed rail train from Sacramento to the middle of the San Francisco bay, and our state politicians were required to ride it just once.


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