California College Students – “The presence of law enforcement is a micro-aggression towards criminals”

NOT THE ONION. (Progressivism is more absurd than anything this parody site can conjure up.)

Preceding UC Irvine’s Career Fair, students petitioned to get border patrol recruiters out of the event because it would send the message that illegals are “not welcome.”

OCregister – “UCI is committed to bringing a full spectrum of employers to campus to meet with our student population. … It’s up to individual students to determine which employers may or may not align with their diverse talents, values and interests.”



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  1. what is really scary is that these kids will be getting diplomas soon and then getting jobs in the workforce. It does not bode well for companies that want to make profits if they hire idiots like this.

  2. Just in case swimming over the border in the predawn hours running from rabid dogs and watch towers after escaping through a small hole in a razor fence was received as a welcome message, wouldn’t want them to think otherwise.

  3. i have been in denial

    i had thought that hillary as president was laughable

    the more i see, the more i think we are screwed

    the clintonites are sycophants who will never see clearly

    academia has lined up solidly, as have the unions, pro-abortion, open borders, anti-israel, pro-islam, everything-is-beautiful dope smokers, anti-defense and law enforcement

    the gop establishment is not changing their direction, see boehner and ryan

    conservative voters will stay home if the gop goes with the same old shit, and are in denial

    where i thought there was light i think i am seeing a freight train coming full speed

    if we miss the 2016 opportunity, we are done done done

  4. Laws are a microaggression!
    Grades are a microaggression!
    Clothes are a microaggression!

    HWA : Hippies With an Attitude
    Deal with ACCORDINGLY.

  5. Part of the problem is that so many of these kids want to be, or are already involved with illegal activity. They themselves feel intimidated by any police presence. Could be a good day to buy a little more ammo.

  6. Claiming that something is a micro-aggression is itself a micro-aggression. These collectivists are running along a Möbius band shooting at their perceived enemies.

  7. I graduated UCI in the 1980s. At the time it was a low-key school, noted for commuter students, courses centered on the sciences (and a few Nobel winners in the sciences if I’m not mistaken), and a quiet, work-hard-get-it-done attitude.

    Abbie Hoffman came to speak once. Almost no one turned up to listen.

    This dive to the bottom started more than a dozen years ago, with terrorist sympathizers invited to speak, routine grievance hustlers disturbing study, and (this year) an infamous attempt to ban the US flag.

    I will always be grateful to UCI for providing me with a chance to get an education. I value what I learned there, but that school is long gone. UCI is now the epitome of how ridiculous our society has begun. This is simply another entry. Requests for donations are routinely put in the circular file.

  8. I thought the DREAM Act prevented schools from divulging citizen status of their students. So what are the illegals and the SJW cult worried about?

  9. UC Irvine has amost 30,000 students, but only 650 signed the petition to ban the Border Patrol. Like much of today’s political discourse, a small minority is highjacking various issues for their own purposes.

    People point to these types of stories as proof that liberals and progressives are winning, when the truth of the matter is that these loons are a very small percentage of the population. But they succeed in garnering news coverage because they are noisy, rude, stupid and ocassionally violent – 4 things that sell news stories. The majority narrative needs to be emphasized more.

  10. “The presence of law enforcement is a micro-aggression towards criminals”
    That is, until they’re being mugged, robbed, and raped by an illegal alien, and not a cop in sight.

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