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California Dem Politicians Caused Homeless Crisis, Abetted by the Media

CFP: The explosion of California homelessness can be directly linked to the radical left’s determination to empty out the jails and prisons through legislation and ballot initiatives, claiming to be for safe neighborhoods and the well-being of our children. Combine that with the outrageous housing costs and lack of available affordable housing, and California is ground zero for a homeless explosion comparable only to colonies of feral cats.

The Democrat-dominated California Legislature has pushed and legislated policies that do nothing to decrease homelessness, and instead invite more of it to the Golden State. And they’ve been greatly assisted by the state’s biased, liberal/left media.

Ironically, the failed mayors of hell-hole California cities (Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles, and Gavin Newsom of San Francisco, home of the Human defecation map), are running for Governor of California—just as current termed-out Governor Jerry Brown did, after making Oakland, CA an even bigger drug and crime-ridden hell-hole than it already was.

The leftist Sacramento Bee Associate Editor Erika Smith wrote a recent column riddled with deceit and misrepresentations about Sacramento’s homeless explosion: North Sacramento has a homeless shelter. Now it’s your turn, South Land Park. I bring this up because she’s playing a nasty game of class envy and “getting even,” by using the homeless people she claims to care about as punishment to a nearby neighborhood.

The nasty piece Smith wrote is challenging the city to install huge pop-up tent facilities for homeless at a site next to Sacramento’s largest regional park. But this park, visited by 1.5 million people a year, is also home to the Sacramento Zoo, children’s Fairytale Town and Funderland Amusement Park, and William Land Park 9-hole golf course. Why would Erika Smith want to put Sacramento’s children in harms way? A giant tent does nothing to help the homeless get the much-needed drug abuse, and mental health services they need.  more here

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  1. The most needed mental health services are for the politicians that somehow keep getting elected. Speak’n spells have more computer power than voting machines. There is no other explanation how these fossils stay in office. Fixed crap, yet no change. Oakland is the west coast Baltimore, same slums, same trash, and no change, ever

  2. Did I miss the part about simultaneously disarming the good people so they can become victims? If you are a California resident, you gotta be asking, WTF. It almost seems intentional. Ya think?

  3. Well ya can’t get to Venezuela without destroying everything America stands for and chaos is their friend. The Left has been very busy destroying our beliefs, our institutions and our morals.
    There is a reason!
    First Socialism.
    Then Communism

  4. People only need look at the dearth of reasonably priced and available middle income housing in California to see what liberal policies have brought. The middle class has been gutted.

  5. All that “homeless” bullshit started during the Kennedy Administration when the “geniuses” of “Camelot” determined that ape-shit crazy people were better off being “mainstreamed” than incarcerated.
    Brown recognized the importance of having sympathetic nut-jobs defecating and urinating wherever they happen to squat, attacking unarmed bourgeois, and keeping “normal” people off the streets – and has exacerbated the issue to further his own nefarious ends.
    Same with de Blasio in New York and Emanuel in Chicago.

    There are no coincidences in politics.
    There are no paradoxes in politics.
    Every policy proceeds exactly as planned; though, perhaps, with glaring omissions in the explanations.

    California (and America) will sink into a cesspool of totalitarian stagnation unless the dwindling number of Americans can wake the rest.

    CA, NY, IL, OR, WA, along with South Africa, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, North Korea, and Cuba are our future unless we stop it. Europe is premonitory.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. “Homeless” is a euphemism for vagrant. Just about all of those vagrants choose that as their way of life.

    They are people who don’t want to live like human beings.

    Calling them “homeless” and pretending they are just like you and me but are unlucky is a con.

  7. TIM
    Right. And Brown1 expanded on JFK with enhanced “tree huger” laws. Ronnie killed most of those . But then Brown 2 started new “tree huger” laws. To make things worse the GOP went left 25 years ago and in deed – contrary to word – helped “Moon beam” with even more tree huger laws. As Dr. Friedmann said 60 years ago “there is no free lunch.” Let me list 2 (of hundreds) consequences of “Tree Huger laws”

    1. House prices have gone up over 10,000% in 60 years.
    2. Gas prices have gone up 3,500% in 50 years.

    #1 relates directly to this post. People are “homeless” in part because tree huger laws have made homes too expensive for many people. We also have “homeless” because the UNIPARTY encourages folk to not work! People who did not work 60 years ago were “homeless”.

    A post here yesterday was about the UNIPARTY’s new water regulations. This tree huger law will make more people homeless!

  8. FYI,
    The stated earning of a vagrant in a major city, established by lawsuits in a court of law, is $100,000 plus. Also, established by Stossel in an investigative report when he was a liberal, changed his political opinions.

  9. It’s called socialism and the result is the same where ever it takes hold: 1% gets very rich, the middle class is destroyed and everyone but the 1% shares the misery.

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