California Democrat Refers to Middle America as ‘Podunk USA’ – IOTW Report

California Democrat Refers to Middle America as ‘Podunk USA’

American Lookout:
A Democrat from California told a committee last week just how much she despised ‘middle America’ when she referred to it as “Podunk USA”…

The Washington Free Beacon reported:

Remarks by Rep. Anna Eshoo (D., Calif.) during a closed-door Energy and Commerce Committee meeting with Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai raised eyebrows from those present.

The moment occurred when Eshoo pushed back against Pai when he was discussing expanding broadband access to rural areas.


32 Comments on California Democrat Refers to Middle America as ‘Podunk USA’

  1. Podunk, USA … I like that.

    Much better than Commiefornia or Californication.

    I’d rather be an ignorant hayseed than a National Socialist / Inter-National Socialist Cocksucker.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. All those progs think alike, don’t they? Podunks, fly overs, deplorables, insignificant bible thumping, gun toting morons.
    Oh how they just love the American people.

  3. Guess what Rep Eshole sorry Eshoo
    Your party is East and West Coast and we keep winning!!!
    The Podunk’s have spoken and voted. Seriously I don’t know how much longer I can take these people. Even my liberal friends are embarrassed

  4. Just one decent-sized meteor landing on So. Cali or NY city and we’re running the table politically for a very long time.

    C’mooon meteor!

  5. This is why we can never let them get rid of the Electoral College. Then only the despicables from the elite coasts would be electing our president,

    I am a proud deplorable from Podunk USA and am proud of our President who actually loves our country and all of the people across the nation—even those in Podunk

    These pompous, narcissistic asses need to be removed from office. So my fellow Podunk Drplorables let’s continue to help drain the swamp in the 2018 elections and support whoever runs against these despicable elitists

  6. I think we’re all podunks now except for the snooty, effete, elite snobs who think they’re better than us. Spokane used to be known as the biggest one horse town in the country, now we’re maybe a 3 or 4 horse town.

  7. And to think that there are still people that think that the right and left should come together and work in a bipartisan fashion. BULLSHIT! IT’S US AGAINST THEM.

  8. Anonymous: Great post. lets not forget to drain the RHINO’S too.
    Deplorable Forever!

  9. Their contempt is always on display, especially since Trump Became the leader of the free world. It will be their undoing. The likely-hood of that nourishes me.

  10. Guess Rep Anna Nastyass doesn’t plan on visiting a National Park anytime soon.

    She should do serious research on how happy she could be living solely on “alternative energy” as well.

  11. Leftists can’t stand the culturally and inellectually superior people in “flyover country”. They kniw they can’t hack it here.

  12. Just read her bio.
    WTF expertise does an English major with a two-year degree bring to the Energy and Commerce Committee!?
    I’ll not wipe my erudite Podunk ass for 3 weeks so she can kiss it.

  13. Does the clueless bint have a clue that the booze she drowns herself in comes from grain grown in Podunk, USA?

  14. If I were any further east, would be wading.
    Wonder what she feels about Southern Man?
    We don’t need her, or Neil Young.

  15. The last thing I will ever care about is what some bitch, thieving, politician thinks about me. That she’s from Cuckifornia make it even less important.

  16. “… narcissistic asses need to be removed from office.”
    “… narcissistic asses need to be removed from life – existence – Earth.”

    There. Fixed it for ya.

    izlamo delenda est …

  17. Guess no one’s told Rahm he’s merely a resident of PODUNK bc he still thinks he’s the mayor of Chiraq, the dem’s most ‘progressive’ little city on the prairie.

  18. FYI

    “A complaint was filed by multiple parties on Monday regarding California’s representation problem. Many parties including cities, individuals, political parties and even a native tribe have filed a suit saying they are not being represented correctly. With all districts in the State of California reaching one vote for every 500,000 people in a single district. This virtually waters down the individuals voting power to so little there becomes minuscule purpose in voting.

    The purpose of our government is to accurately represent people. Having a lower ratio of representatives in proportion to the population is against the initial principles of this country. Citizens of California have finally decided to question the State government as is apparent in this complaint. The question becomes what will the State of California do with this? How will the Attorney General respond? California has an obligation to answer to its people these very serious questions. It is a question to the nature of our republic.”

  19. @ BadBrad, if it’s any consolation, the East Coast, particularly New England, was conservative until around WWII.

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