California Democrats Furious at Plans to House Detained Illegal Aliens at Navy Bases

Breitbart: California Democrats are reacting angrily to plans by the Trump administration to house tens of thousands of illegal aliens detained at the southern border at military bases in the Golden State.

Plans that leaked late last week call for 47,000 illegal aliens to be housed at a closed U.S. Navy base in Concord in the San Francisco Bay Area, and for about 25,000 to be housed at the U.S. Marine Corps base at Camp Pendleton in Southern California.

The apparent intention is to keep illegal aliens detained rather than allowing them to disappear into the general U.S. population, as was the previous practice under the “catch-and-release” approach. Though illegal aliens who were released often received court dates, many simply declined to appear.

San Diego’s ABC News 10 reports that it is “not clear if the Navy anticipates a request for housing for families or solely for children. The memo calls for housing to begin in July and last until the end of the year.”illegal

21 Comments on California Democrats Furious at Plans to House Detained Illegal Aliens at Navy Bases

  1. I wonder if the morons will try to crash the gates of Pendleton? Cause ya know, marines are such pushovers.

  2. Maybe the geniuses shouldn’t have screamed to have the Naval base closed. Once federal land, always federal land.

  3. Lefties on TWitter are incensed that facilities – which are fine for Americans serving their country and their families – is somehow inadequate for illegals who have to be taught to use toilets and flush them.

  4. May I suggest commandeering private homes in Beverly Hills? Or Malibu? Or San Jose/Silicon Valley? Normally, I would assume that the progressives would jump at the chance to house these illegal aliens, but apparently a bunch of these uber liberals did not get the memo. But just as I know that people like Barbara Streisand would be thrilled to house 40 or 50 illegal immigrant families in her estate,I am sure that the rest of California’s progressive community would likewise be thrilled to follow suit.

  5. Every time the Lefties come up with another issue Trump comes up with an answer that works just fine, but the Lefties hate.

  6. Wait a minute. LEAKED?!

    Find the leaker and plug him.

    Plug the leak. Want to make sure ya’ll know I’m not advocating violence!

  7. So I am still confused. All these people are crying out against anything but open borders. Have any of them thought through this and can any of them explain how it will work? What is the endgame? Where do they go, live, work? Do we let 1 billion people cross our border? 2 Billion?

    I am to the snapping point with my “oh so caring and compassionate” friends and family on this. Logic and reasoning have no place in this discussion. A few simple questions destroy all their arguments, yet no one seems to pursue these lines of questioning.

  8. California democrats prefer to house illegal aliens all over the state rather than confined to particular locales.

  9. Jerry Brown has the Trump curse. Look at that worried look on his face. I bet his prostate cancer has returned and has gone to his brain.

  10. The Left, just lost their perfect stream of Children for the Pedophille Satanists. This is a funding as well as a Religious issue for them, where will they get a replacement for their needed Sacrifices ?

  11. @ Racer X

    If the illegals are placed all over the state, the lefties can easily hire the tan slaves for yard work, house cleaning, sex and nannying, because they will be closer to their homes, but NOT IN their homes like to stay.

    All the left want them for besides voting is for slavery.

  12. They’re pissed because they know the Fed authorities ( you know, those “pushover” Marines) won’t let these illegals out for the first Tuesday in November. Any other excuse they pull out of their backside is just so much bullshit.


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