California: Department of Public Works Reminds Residents To ONLY Flush Toilet Paper

Here’s one industry that might turn out to be coronavirus proof: plumbing


In Redding’s case, workers actually had to pull out t-shirts from the sewer line! read more

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  1. Redding is where crystal meth was invented.

    It’s where ugly strippers come from.

    That rattle you hear in a spray paint can? A tooth from a Redding resident.

  2. worked over 12 years in a Sewage Treatment Plant & 10 more in the Water/Wastewater system as an electrical/mechanical tech. seen just about everything there was that could clog a pipe, a valve or a pump, including dogs, racoons, cows, Christmas trees, women’s wigs, floating grease islands, Potomac white fish & pink snappers (before the toxic shock-absorber scare)

    we used to ‘flush’ our largest sewage pumping station once a month by throttling the gate valves down to create a ‘fast-flow’ through certain screen chambers. the volume of ‘debris’ got so large that the sewer crews would have to rake off the bar screen rakes before they dumped into the grinder chutes & become overloaded & clogged. I went out to the screen room to check on the crews. I asked one guy how he was doing & he pointed to a pile of clothing, along w/ other debris he raked out. “I’ve raked out a pair of high heels, pantyhose, underware, a bra, a slip, a dress & a wig … I’m waiting for the owner to surface any minute now.”

  3. Shit in the kitchen sink and use the garbage disposal.

    Guess I’ll now also have to use the sink for my old motor oil too.

  4. btw, in all my years working in the sewer system I never got a cold or flu … must have gotten a good build-up in my immune system

    … kept me from biting my nails too! 😉

  5. Maybe every RESIDENCE should have something like a garbage disposal in the sewer line. You’d sure as hell know sabotaged the system.

  6. Had a buddy that owned a tavern. Bras and panties, panties and bras. Every other week the woman’s toilet had one or the other in the pipes.

  7. @Lady Mondegreen ~ well, it wasn’t castrating a goat w/ your teeth (like Mike did), but opening up a clogged screw pump against a charged pipe & open valve has it’s amusement value

    … especially when you warned what would happen & the guy that ‘knew it all’ got the clogged shit sprayed all over the side of his face

    ah, good times

  8. M. A. Same kind of story only in a house. Once working on a huge house on the east side of Seattle 120 feet long 7 bathrooms 2 kitchens, 2 story 16 foot ceilings. The plumbers did not strap the pipes up to the joists in the crawl space, major sag 2 feet every 20 feet. Backed up plumbing, 4″ abs, water would flow over the top slowly, cut the line and holy crap years of tp, tampons, shit and who knows what all came out of that waste line.
    We had to cut a hole in the floor and dig a trench under the house and layer it with lime to get rid of the smell. The plumbers all had to get shots after they got done with the job.

  9. Some lady (assume it was female, Ladies’ Room, before the “gender” confusion) in the Longworth would drop a log about once every two weeks some 20″ long about the girth of my forearm. We had a 16″ screwdriver to break it up to facilitate flushing it.
    Plumbing – always something interesting.

    izlamo delenda est …


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