California: Female corrections officer gets jail time for having ‘depraved’ sex with inmate in front of other prisoners – IOTW Report

California: Female corrections officer gets jail time for having ‘depraved’ sex with inmate in front of other prisoners

Law Enforcement Today:

FRESNO COUNTY, CA – A former corrections officer who pleaded guilty in April to charges stemming from her having sex with an inmate was recently handed down a 7-month jail sentence followed by two years of probation. 

When describing the illicit sexual exploits of the corrections officer, Fresno County Assistant Sheriff Steve McComas said it was “something only a depraved mind can come up with.”

According to reports, 27-year-old Tina Gonzalez, who once worked at the Fresno County jail, is now a convicted felon after her sexual escapades with an inmate at the jail she once worked at came to light. 

Gonzalez, who started working at the jail in 2016, reportedly had a relationship with an inmate that lasted over an entire year before she was arrested in December of 2019. 

In that time, Gonzalez also provided the inmate with a cellphone, razor blades, and even jail intelligence, according to prosecutor Kaitlin Drake:  more

28 Comments on California: Female corrections officer gets jail time for having ‘depraved’ sex with inmate in front of other prisoners

  1. Without a full body shot of her rack, legs and dumper, I will reserve judgment and commentary for a latter date…

  2. Maybe the judge, in his “concern for her future” is hoping for a little additional, more personal “contact”? Today’s justice system and judicial standards and all…

  3. I’ve known a few chicks that damaged. Happily for me, they were all dating other people.

  4. Nancy Pelosi is screwing us all and I don’t see her going to jail.

  5. Hey, illicit sex really paid off well for the Vice Presidential Whore!

  6. Dude’s in for a rape then hits the jackpot behind bars.


  7. Corrections doesn’t exactly attract the highest caliber of employees if ya know what I mean. On the surface she is attractive, so she must have some serious baggage to, a) make her want to work in corrections, and b) have sex with an inmate. What a shame.

  8. If it’s not depraved , you’re doing it wrong !

  9. Why not just hang out at the corrections
    officer/LEO bar and F*** them dudes.Heck
    you will be known as a slut but probably
    would never be fired.

  10. I don’t understand.
    They need to be more explicit.

    izlamo delenda est …

  11. Depraved? Why, was she awake? Cuz that’s sick, man.




  13. If they need someone to closely supervise her during her probation, I guess I would be willing to make the sacrifice.

    For justice’s sake.

  14. She still chose to do it. No sympathy for choices made.

  15. It said she cut a hole in her uniform to facilitate sex with the inmate. Was the hole in the front or the rear of the uniform. Asking for a friend who is curious just how depraved the sex was.

  16. “Judge Michael Idiart could have sent Gonzalez to prison for up to 16 months, which apparently prosecutors were hoping for a sentence more closely resembling the maximum time.”
    But after consulting with Ms. Gonzalez in chambers, he decided that a slap on the wrist (and other places) was more appropriate.

  17. There is no true blonde hair on that squaw. She’s an Aztec indian.

    Chief \8/

  18. When the hell are we going to stop with the nonsense of having women corrections officers in men’s prisons, and male corrections officers in women’s prisons… and while I’m at it, a whole panoply of “gender neutral” employment laws that cause more problems than they’re worth, military a big one.

  19. How do we know the hole wasn’t over her stoma. Now, that would be depraved!

  20. In the immortal words of El Kabong, “HO-Laaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!”.

  21. Previous to her employment at the county jail she was a popular fifth grade school teacher at a boys school.

  22. Think she may have a shot at the vice-presidency when she gets out.


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