California: Fire Destroys a 600,000 Square-Foot Warehouse in Redlands

Video showed at least two Amazon shipping trailers on fire at one of the sprawling building’s loading docks.

NBC4: There were no reports of injuries.

Part of 10 Freeway was temporarily closed. Smoke and flames could be seen from the freeway.

At least one of the building’s walls collapsed. There are concerns that more walls could fall, fire officials said. 

Details about how the fire started were not immediately available. more

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  1. On a maybe sort of related note, I was walking back from the coffee shop this morning (still no tables out – ugh!) and saw a guy removing plywood from the storefront windows of a business. I asked him how it was going – he has been putting up and removing plywood from the same businesses every day since before last Sunday’s looting (this is in The Peoples’ Republic of Santa Monica). Kind of pointless since at least Tuesday, but B of A is paying him to do it. They boarded up every one of their locations – including the one by Leisure World! Stupid. He wasn’t enjoying it, basically digging a hole and filling it in every day, but at least he’s getting paid.

  2. The splash screen on Amazon Prime Video is a support statement of the BLM movement. And the Amazon large product warehouse burned? I see karma has visited Amazon.

  3. Wonder if we’ll ever learn how the fire started? Anybody ever hear about the cause of the one at Notre Dame?

  4. Washington Post is fighting with Bezos. Yeah, he owns them. I don’t know if he owns 100% but he owns them. lol.

  5. Pandering to terrorists like BLM never pays off since they never stop making demands and pushing for more and more. The only way to handle bullies and thugs like them is to slap them down, hard.


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