California: Fur Flies in a ‘Furry’ Fight Somewhere in San Jose

Bad furry! BAD!!!

KFI: Just before midnight on Friday night, the streets of downtown San Jose were taken over by “furries”. Now, if you’re unfamiliar with what a furry is, go ahead and do a quick google image search. Enjoy.

Furry fandom, according to Wikipedia, is a “subculture interested in anthropomorphic animal characters with human personalities and characteristics.”

FurCon was held in San Jose last weekend…

But things went sour later in the night after the convention.

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  1. You can do whatever you want in your personal and sex life, but do not expect me to endorse or support you.
    I have met a couple of furries. One was a very pleasant person, the other was an activist. Whatever. The only reason this is a story is because furries were involved.
    I am not really interested, despite the fact that I am posting here.

  2. There’s no controlling what people choose to do in their private lives but we should be able to control what those same people try to force everyone else to be aware of. It’s none of my business and, damn it, I DO NOT WANT to know.

    Why do they suddenly have an inalienable right to force strangers to be aware of their perversions? Why do we no longer have the right to be left alone?

  3. And when he explains to the responding officer that he was assaulted by a purple polka dotted raccoon, off to the hospital for a pysch evaluation.

  4. What a sad state of people. So lost, so desperate to fit in somewhere.

    Atheism and ‘progressive’ schooling propondents have done their job, and they have destroyed half the nation.

  5. I thought all the real furry gals were from back in the sixties and seventies. At least from the pictures in Playboy and such.

  6. @ VietVet

    I know…Whenever a Young Carpenter can’t hit the Nail with the Hammer

    I yell “Put some Hair around it!”

    Blank stares….and Stairs…


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