California Gas-Fired Power Plant Files for Bankruptcy

CFP: La Paloma is not the only power plant in California facing closure due to its policy promoting renewable energy. Pacific Gas and Electric’s Diablo Canyon plant is in a similar situation despite its solid operating experience. The result of California’s poorly designed energy policy is higher prices for its constituency, but that seems to be of little concern to state leaders.  MORE

8 Comments on California Gas-Fired Power Plant Files for Bankruptcy

  1. The biggest problem these power plants face is in a democratically state government that lives in Fantasy land and cannot confront real world problems.

  2. But…..but….but…..I thought that’s what Kalifornication wanted, clean burning, low emissions, natural gas fired power plant. What has gone wrong?

  3. Reading quickly through the article it smells like the plant owners are maneuvering for their rightful share of corporate welfare. It must bother them that their plant actually produces electricity but has to earn their income, while the ‘renewable energy’ swindlers get money handed to them like handy on Halloween.

    How can anyone expect Trump to fix so much fubar singlehanded?

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