California Gov Newsom fumes over Trump’s order to divert water to California farmers, vows to sue

BPR: President Donald Trump’s plan to divert water supplies to help California farmers was met with Gov. Gavin Newsom’s counter plan to sue the Trump administration.

Just before the president was set to announce his fulfillment of a campaign promise to get water from the north end of the state to the agriculture industry in the San Joaquin Valley to the south, the office of the Democratic governor said he “will file legal action in the coming days … to protect highly imperiled fish species close to extinction,” The Sacramento Bee reported.

He told the crowd gathered in Bakersfield at an airport hangar that “millions and millions of gallons” of water have been “wasted and poured into the ocean” due to California policies.  The president noted changes to the “outdated scientific research and biological opinions,” as endangered species protections for different types of fish that had been in place for years were reversed by the Department of the Interior last year.

The changes would now direct “as much water as possible, which will be a magnificent amount, a massive amount of water for the use of California farmers and ranchers,” Trump said, with California Republican Reps. Kevin McCarthy and Devin Nunes by his side. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt also joined the president. read more

18 Comments on California Gov Newsom fumes over Trump’s order to divert water to California farmers, vows to sue

  1. With that locust situation in Africa, and it’s current movement into places like India and China, coupled with potential loss of a fair amount of agricultural production resulting from Corona virus, There may be worldwide food shortage in the coming year(s).

    Maybe California should be thinking less in terms of protecting some rather useless fish that probably don’t need protection and start thinking in terms of maximizing their agricultural production to help prevent or alleviate famines in much of the African and Asian world?

    Not that alleviating a famine among brown skinned people would be a very high priority to California politicians since there’s no power and control over the American people to be gained from it.

  2. Never concede good intentions to progs. It is never warranted. The progressive movement has been invested in increasing innocent human suffering, misery and death since it’s inception.

    Donald Trump may not hold the same view I do, but he isn’t afraid to shove their nonsense up their ass and break it off.

  3. The local news media is covering this story and describing the farmers and ranchers that are finally getting some water as “Rich Farmers”. As in rich Trump buddies. We use to have one local TV news outlet that was some what conservative. Not any more. They all follow the DNC agenda. All three TV station just got hammered on the FB pages. How can they be rich farmers if they haven’t been able to farm for the last 6 years?
    They also covered Trumps visit to the central valley and try as they might, they couldn’t find anybody to bad mouth Trump.

  4. If it really were a priority to protect fish, California would be increasing it’s water storage by building more dams instead of wasting billions on a “high speed” rail that will never be built.

  5. Go ahead, bitch – have you given any thought to who those Farmers you’ve been fucking over (you know, those low-life incorrigibles that grow YOUR food?) are gonna vote?
    Hot tip: it ain’t gonna be democrat!

  6. Newsom is a psycho leftist, bent on turning CA into a basket case for him and his allies to loot.

    What a criminal, eh?

  7. When did Californians give up their rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness – and water? Since when do “imperiled” fish (which is, of course, most probably a lie) supersede taxpaying farmers in the hierarchy? Why is dishonesty now an attribute? It should be obvious to any sentient creature (human or fish) that Newsom is an inveterate liar.

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. The headline should read: spoiled rotten brat in Sacramento throws another hissy fit because an adult is standing in the way of his plans, or the lack there of.

  9. Newscum, being the good little commie he is, know that controlling the water / food supply is one of the pillars of Marx’s Communist Manifesto. It has nothing to do with any not so endangered fish.

  10. Fuck the Fish. Eventually those bastard Asian Carps fish will be accidentally let in and kill or eat the endangered fish.

    Send in a few army units to guarantee the farmers are not harassed.

  11. To liberals, tiny fish are more important than humans.

    How did their heads get so screwed up? Probably by way of the three evils of the modern world: Marxism, Darwinism, and Freudianism. By themselves or together, they lead to God denial and hatred for God’s supreme creation, humans.

  12. They don’t give a shit about the fish. They are working on an “under ground” tunnel project thru the Delta that will drain Northern California of it’s water even faster. The end result will be salt water intrusion in the Delta killing every fish in it. The California Delta is one of the best Large Mouth Bass fisheries in the country. Every Bass Fishing organization in the state is fighting them tooth and nail.

  13. put the fish in hollywood swimming pools and give water to the farmers

    newsom should be looking for crap eating fish that he can support. That’s what he really needs.

  14. On the evolutionary Tree of Life, these brainless Liberals give more credence to the lowly fish, than to humankind. They would rather have EVERY SINGLE person die, and let the these fish or any other lower life forms survive.

    Yes, Liberals — the fish are LOWER life forms. Not everything is created equal, and scientific data supports that (supposedly, you are the party of science ??)


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