California homeless start living on makeshift boats


Tucker Carlson Tonight’ investigates the nation’s homeless crisis and the decay of American cities.

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  1. I have to confess- I lived there on a ‘houseboat’, Slip 6, Sausalito in 1970. At least that’s when I think it was. It was nice then.

  2. The thousands of illegals being allowed in and being transported to the area will be getting housing and welfare benefits the homeless are not being provided. An organized army of resentful homeless could have an effect. That could be why the plan to activate an EO military response is being possibly initiated.

  3. tRuth: “An organized army of resentful homeless could have an effect.”

    Most of the homeless are mentally deficient or flat out deranged. Have you actually interacted with homeless people?

    The more I read what you write, you’re either very, very young or just an idiot.

    Which is it? Talk to me. I don’t hate you, I’m just sad you’re so fucked up.

  4. And once again, the laws that apply to the rest of us (in this case, boat registration, fire extinguishers, life vests, etc) won’t be enforced against these losers.

  5. The real problem is boats dumping human waste into the bays and estuaries where they congregate.

    These are the same people who sail to Mesiko when they really get broke. Nothing like snorkeling in a pristine bay and coming across a hairy floating turd.

  6. My church, in a rather small town, is working with other churches to house the homeless for one week shifts. We have many volunteers who work with the people, some families, for the week they stay with us. Most of them are not repeat visitors.

  7. Claudia, certainly not trying to throw stones at your church, but a couple questions. Are the homeless that are not repeat visitors not coming back because they resist the expectations that are placed on them? Are these same the churches that are involved in the supporting of bringing in huge amount of “refugees” for the dollars that they bring in for doing so? Again, I’m not trying to bad mouth you (I know you are a sweetheart) or your church but many of these churches are certainly a big part of the organized effort to flood our country of people incapable of supporting themselves in a free society.

  8. joe6pak, I understand your concern. These are local people who have come upon hard times and our last ‘group’ only consisted of one person and one family. None of the churches involved are the ones sponsoring “refugees”. They are rather small churches in our community.

    The reason for not returning is mostly due to the job placement that the group of churches work with to help them get back on their feet. I have not heard of any of the participants being from any of the bigger cities in the state.

    I’m not involved in the assessment process, but I know that the participants are told that this is not a handout.

  9. “Resettlement is BIG BIZ”.
    Many hide behind a “church”
    of some sort….Steal your dam tax $$$

  10. @Claudia: “My church, in a rather small town, is working with other churches to house the homeless for one week shifts”

    In 1984, I along with 6 others, started the University City Hospitality Coalition
    Originally, it was a plan to feed mostly displaced, homeless mental patients who were lost on the streets of the city. We got together 5 different denominations/religions and actually did it, each giving a dinner on a particular day of the week. It has grown immensely, and also changed, but it continues and is a good thing.
    When we started, we didn’t have any funding and there also was no abuse of the offerings by those we tried to help. I don’t know if that is the case today, but it has the respect of both the community and those it helps. It is run entirely by donations.
    If you can get your church to work with some others, you’ll be surprised what can happen, especially within the community itself. And if you ever need any help, let me know.

  11. Local citizens through their churches is where much of the charitable work was done in the past to help those that hit some bumps in life. Now days huge organizations like Catholic Charities have capitalized on the influx of illegals as a profitable enterprise and displaced most of the traditional efforts.
    Now we have despair on an industrial scale thanks to overbearing government policies.


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