California increases gas tax


While a handful of California officials deliberate on how to best divvy up a historic $75 billion budget overflow, gas-powered vehicle owners will be paying more to fill up their tanks.

The state’s motor fuel excise tax is set to increase Thursday, up six-tenths of a cent to more than 51 cents a gallon of motor fuel. The state also adds more than 7 cents a gallon in fees.

With federal, state and local taxes, the average cost for a gallon of unleaded is approaching $5 in many metropolitan areas of California. more

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  1. In a perfect world, California would separate from the mainland, float down to South America, and attach itself to Venezuela where it belongs. On the other coast, New York would separate from the mainland, float down to the Caribbean, and attach itself to Cuba where it belongs.

  2. Antidote
    JULY 1, 2021 AT 11:59 PM
    “And the retards keep voting for this.”

    …yep (tee-hee!) They surely did “vote” for it (giggle!)

    That’s exactly what (chortle) happened!

    Silly buggers!

  3. @L. Smith:

    In a perfect world, California would separate from the mainland, float down to South America, and attach itself to Venezuela where it belongs.

    Yes! I like that idea!

    But California would have to go on one heckuva diet to get skinny enough to fit through the Panama Canal. And farther south, the Strait of Magellan is out of the question unless it got renamed to the Tranny of Magellan.

  4. @L. Smith — About moving New York to Cuba…NO! NO! Never! That would put more New Yorkers closer than ever to Florida. We get enough LibDems here as it is! (-;

    Tack NY onto Venezuela, and California would fit in well with the Peruvians and their marching powder.

  5. In Nevada, gas prices are the third highest behind CA & HI.
    The only answer I get is “because of California”
    A legit governor would help, sadly we have the devil himself.

  6. It was a very deceptively written bill. No meansyes, yes means no. People sued. The 9th backed Jerry Brown. Now there are calls for a forensic audit. Nobody would have voted for this.

  7. PS. Diesel increased .20 a gallon. Guess what I drive. This won’t effect my driving habits, but for many it will. Food is delivered up and down this state with diesel powered trucks and trains. The consumer will pay for this. Adding more financial pain to the poor. What a fucking joke.

  8. They will force you to purchase an electric vehicle, you know , the one you can’t charge due to the over-stressed power grid.

  9. Illinois gas tax went up too. After doubling last year from 19 to 38 cents. It now goes up every single year “to increase annually with inflation.”

    32% of the gas tax goes directly to Illinois corrupt government for their jobs well done.

  10. “And they keep voting for it”

    Do they?

    I’ve been contending for a long time that TPTB saying this country is a 50/50 country is bullshit. REgressives have been committing election fraud for decades. Sure, cities are concentrations of them but c’mon when 70%+ of people in San Fran say their city is on a downward spiral but dems are overwhelming reelected, you don’t think that smells?

    There used to be a semblance of them trying to keep it on the downlow but them days are gone. Now 5 states can take the UNPRECEDENTED action of stopping the vote at the same time, clearing out the building and suddenly insurmountable Trump leads become surmountable.

    And the narrative continues the election was completely on the up & up.

  11. SC just increased theirs by 2 cents bringing it to 26 cents for roads, bridges etc. My county recently repaved a side road here in town only to repave it again 3 weeks later. Why? No one seems to know at the county office.

  12. No one on Planet Earth will convince me that California, whose purse strings are controlled by spendthrift Democrats, has a 75 billion dollar budget overflow.
    The fumbduck voters in California probably believe it, but I don’t.

  13. Missouri did the same thing.
    And Missouri’s “conservative!”

    If it’s a politician, it’s a thief.


    izlamo delenda est …

  14. The price of gas has gone from $2.39 a gal. in February to over $3.29 to $3.39 a gal. in Eastern Wash. and even higher in Central Wash. state in 4 and a half months. And even Idaho’s gas prices are well over $3 a gal. now, thanks for nothing joey, you asshole. Thank God, I have an economical car that gets good gas mileage but this is getting out of hand. My company now has to pay much higher prices for fuel now for our fleet of trucks to make our deliveries and I don’t know how much longer we can afford this before our prices will have to increase to keep up with inflation. I have absolutely nothing good to say about joey that doesn’t involve a multitude of profanities, I despise the SOB, he’s starting to make jimma carta look like a piker.

  15. Meanwhile Uncle Xi is rubbing his hands with glee saying: Rook, cheap real estate rite on horizon!

  16. Illinois Increases at the same time
    Gubner JB Pritzker the former Demoncrat from California follows the same act. He doubled the gas tax in 2019 and put in automatic yearly increases. Our Shitago gas hovers around $4.19 a gallon with $0.392 tax per gallon.
    The sad part is they can’t afford gas to burn the place down

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