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California Is Fine With Undercover Sting Videos That Expose Animal Cruelty

[…] So why is it okay for investigators to pose as farmers and secretly film abuses to animals, but it’s not okay for investigators to pose as fetal tissue buyers to expose Planned Parenthood’s organ harvesting scheme? California’s double standard makes it clear the criminal charges being lodged against the pro-life investigators isn’t about privacy at all, it’s about protecting the abortion industry.

SNIP: Article is here. Warning: There are still images from youtube videos of mangled birds.

Just so ya know, I am a granddaughter, a niece, and a cousin of farmers. I know how the sausage is made, I’ve seen it and I’ve eaten it.
I do think we should be humane to our farm animals when it comes to processing them.
So maybe these investigators should go check out the Halal process- Or would that be raycis and islamophobic?
Windmill and solar energy products are death to birds crossing their paths, but that seems to be okay with activists. Why?

Humans are on top of the food chain and are emotional, as well as, super intellectual beings. So why are we not treating our OWN offspring with the same reverence given to a lowly, soon to be, chicken nugget?
Why are there public funerals for trees but not for aborted infants?

10 Comments on California Is Fine With Undercover Sting Videos That Expose Animal Cruelty

  1. I think it’s animal cruelty when you buy your pet generic dog food.

  2. Why? Because it’s California, where “animals are people, too,” and where life in the womb is “just a clump of cells.” So sad.

  3. Liberal logic 101:

    Animals are more important than babies

    Illegals and Muslims are more important than citizens or Christians

    Gays and transsexuals are more important than heterosexuals

    White males are the least important creatures on earth

    Lying is perfectly acceptable if it fits the progressive agenda

    etc. etc.

  4. Just more proof of the unstable mind of liberals.

  5. Follow the $$$.
    500M$ a year of your
    hard earned.

  6. My neighbors in Los Angeles thought abortion was a “right” and every woman who wanted one should be able to get one, courtesy of you, the tax payer. At the same time, they would move heaven and earth to try to save a half-dead baby rodent they found in their back yard. They would stay up all night with it; feed it from an eye dropper; and in the end, weep bitterly when it died.

    No tears for the dead human babies, though.

  7. Well, I live in exactly the opposite. We’ve
    got legal chicken fighting, illegal dog fighting
    and abortions are frowned upon.

    Not yer leftard norm. Catholic run here and little
    boys with sad asses.

  8. Women have the gift of re-creation. Liberals are in a war against God. Since He is the ultimate Creator, liberals will attack Him and anyone/thing that represents Him. The power of creation and re-creation is the highest power. Killing babies is the ultimate in “F&CK YOU GOD!!!” This isn’t just about money, it is about denying Gods’ existence and tearing down anything that reminds them that He does.

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