California Judge orders former Rep. Katie Hill(D) to pay more attorneys’ fees

Just The News:

A California judge on Friday has ordered former California Democratic Rep. Katie Hill to payΒ nearly $55,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs to Salem Media Group over her failed revenge porn lawsuit.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Yolanda Orozco had preciously ruled on April 21 that Salem Media, which owns the conservative site Red State, had shown the photos of Hill as a matter of public interest and protected by the First Amendment, according to SpectrumNews.

“Here, the intimate images published by ( spoke to plaintiff’s character and qualifications for her position, as they allegedly depicted Plaintiff with a campaign staffer with whom it was alleged she had a sexual affair,” Orozco wrote. “Accordingly, the images were a matter of public issue or public interest.” more here

15 Comments on California Judge orders former Rep. Katie Hill(D) to pay more attorneys’ fees

  1. That’s a lot of lube she’ll have to do without.

    The house will smell like burnt rubber.

  2. She should just do like all the other democrats, and pay the bill from her leftover campaign funds.

  3. I made the mistake of seeing the pictures. I think she owes me for infliction of emotional distress.

  4. What makes Dr. Jill unattractive is not her looks but the company she keeps, the person she sleeps next to, and her politics and morals. Basically everything.

  5. @Hambone

    I think you mean, porkable after 17 Beers.

    For example, Hillary, Not even after an overdose on Fentanyl and 4 hours of rigor mortis.

  6. @Kcir
    Katie Hill is homely and freaky (not in the good way, either). I’ve turned down prettier women than her in my life, mostly because of their liberal views. When it comes to the average Democrat in Washington, Hill can’t compete in the kinky department.


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