California Judge Sends Climate Lawsuits to Federal Court


DAILY CALLER: A California district court ruled Wednesday that two lawsuits to hold energy companies responsible for weather affected by climate change are more appropriate for federal court.

Judge William Alsup sent lawsuits from San Fransisco and Oakland into federal court, stating that the issue at hand was outside the state’s purview. The move, sought by defendant fossil fuel companies, may spell disaster for the plaintiffs who argued the lawsuits should be judged under California common law.

“The scope of the worldwide predicament demands the most comprehensive view available, which in our American court system means our federal courts and our federal common law,” the ruling states, according to a Manufacturers Accountability Project (MAP) press release. “A patchwork of 50 different answers to the same fundamental global issue would be unworkable.”  MORE HERE

8 Comments on California Judge Sends Climate Lawsuits to Federal Court

  1. In the words of that famous philosopher, Jack Nicholson: Go sell crazy someplace else, we’re all stocked up here

  2. If I were the power companies I would cut off service to the homes of those bringing the suit, stating, “Hey, it’s a start.”

  3. What causes “ climate change”…
    The continuous rotation of Earth on its axis and,
    the proximity of the Sun to the earth in its orbit around sun;
    Warm times times are called summer.
    Cool times are called winter.

  4. please do not over simplify, biggest changes seen to be correlated with the change from light to dark etc.


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