California: L.A. Mayor Garcetti Says Residents Will Be Confined to Homes For “At Least Two Months”

RedState:In an interview with Business Insider Wednesday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said that the 4 million-plus residents of his city should be prepared to confined to their homes for “at least two months, and be prepared for longer.” more

29 Comments on California: L.A. Mayor Garcetti Says Residents Will Be Confined to Homes For “At Least Two Months”

  1. They don’t worry one bit about the homeless and human excrement piling up on their streets but they’re going to make everyone stay home because of a flu virus? I don’t live there but they can kiss my ass, too.

  2. I bet he sleeps on toilet paper at night. Because he’s a piece of shit.
    In 2 months, they’ll find his ass in the LA River.




  4. Stuck at home 2 months. Hot weather on the way. Good luck mayor. Divorce lawyers checking web for new, bigger houses.

  5. Fuck him, let’s hope he is right, and the hundreds of thousands in his city that he says are going to die do it before they are counted in the census, or better yet, get the fuck out.

    There is a reason these people are shutting down gun stores while they exert their authority.

  6. These people are all nuts. I give it another week and people will be telling governments everywhere to take a hike.

  7. Can anyone tell me (who is in their right mind) why the whole state of Idaho one of the least populous states as well as mostly rural needs to be shut down and locked down for at least 3 weeks. It makes absolutely no sense. Will Montana, Wyoming, North and South Dakota etc. be the next dominoes to fall? who knows, the democraps and the media etc. don’t give a damn, they’d love to shut down the whole entire country if they could get away with it

  8. This POS is the worst mayor in the history of the city. Every drug addict, lunatic and bum wandering streets of LA has this creep’s name on him/her/it.

    Garcetti has been a completely absent mayor (other than passivity in trying to destroy the city, with street crime and illegal immigration.

    Now he’s a big shot, right? Pul-leeze: Garcetti is a bum.

    Garcetti was running for president as another DNC clown, but dropped out of sight after the FBI started investigating him for corruption.

    This is a guy who would have a minimum wage job, except for his ather. He’s as big a bum as hunter biden, and he is as unqualified to run a city as hunter biden is at running oil empires.

    You might say garcetti is the pete butthead of mayors, without the kissing of other men on stage.

  9. Pete butthead would be a better mayor than this bozo.

    Worst mayor LA ever had. Considering LA had that fool villaraigosa as mayor, that’s really saying something.

  10. I predict very bad results from this.

    Very, very bad ones.

    Even on the sheep ranch known as Los Angeles.

  11. OK JDHasty is now in the investment advisor business

    Buy: companies featuring Tar, Feathers, Hemp Rope, Pillories, Pikes etc

  12. just stay in your fucking house and watch TV dammit.
    Don’t go outside in the sunshine and make Vitamin D.
    We will have global 5G up and running shortly, but until then, make sure your TV is on and the wifi is kept running. Toilet paper will be dispensed on a daily, per need basis.

  13. @ Geoff the Aardvark: MT Gov. l’il Stevie “Thaaaats NOT Who We Are” Bullock and his panic ridden ninny sycophants in local and county governments shut down many state activities. Bars, restaurants, brewery tap rooms, schools (including private ones) etc. are closed. The FOURTH largest State in the Nation geographically, with the fourth smallest population, has today a reported grand total of 68 diagnosed Covid-19 cases, well over one third of which are in ONE county, Gallatin County, home of MSU. Seems like madness to me but what do I know? I’m 79 and supposedly at higher risk. I’m calling BS…

    “Toto, I have a feeling we’re not in Montana anymore…”

  14. If Oprah and Howie Mandel need something to do,,,
    Organize a Shit Slinging Flash Mob for this F’ing idiot,

  15. When you fill out your 2020 Census, be sure to indicate you come from a long line of assholes. Your Dad is King Ahole from the OJ days.


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