California: Less Than 40 Recall Newsom Signatures Rescinded Statewide

CA Global:

It appears that only 36 California voters who signed the RecallGavin2020 recall petition have removed their signatures.

Susan Walsh, a senior volunteer with the campaign contacted every county election office in the state following the June 8th deadline, and asked how many recall petition signers removed their names.

“I was worried at first that the numbers would be in the thousands,” Walsh told the Globe in an exclusive interview. However, early on in her calls, Walsh noticed the exceedingly low number of rescinded signatures.

To qualify this recall for the ballot, 1,495,709 signatures were required. The recall petition gatherers turned in 2,161,349 signatures. Of those, 1,719,943 were validated by the Secretary of State. This left a cushion of 224,234 extra signatures.

Recall law changed

During the recall of California State Senator Josh Newman (D-Fullerton) in 2017 and 2018, the Assembly Committee on Elections and Redistricting, passed a law extending the amount of time between the qualification of a recall petition and the actual election, hoping to save Newman. But they were sued by taxpayer advocate groups and lost. “The recall was meant to be a quick remedy,” President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Jon Coupal said at the time. “This is directly contrary to the intent. more

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  1. Maybe the American people will realize they don’t have to put up with bad politicians in other states as well.

  2. Governor Hair Gel Newscum is very unpopular. He is offended that we don’t like him, or his politics, or anything about his leadership in our sad sad state. He HAS to go!!! He and his first partner( wife) can take a hike. He is a complete and total failure in every aspect.

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