California Mayor: ‘We Need Help, Mr. President’

FOX: The mayor of a California city opposing the state’s heavily debated sanctuary law blasted the state’s government for its stance on illegal immigration.

A number of California lawmakers opposed to the policy met with President Trump on Wednesday to discuss the law and illegal immigration.

“Sacramento is angry because they lost an election,” San Jacinto Mayor Crystal Ruiz said. “For God’s sake, get over it.”

Multiple cities and counties in the state have opposed Senate Bill 54, which was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown (D) in October 2017. MORE

3 Comments on California Mayor: ‘We Need Help, Mr. President’

  1. Putting this here . . .
    It’s a Low Hum the MSM can’t hear . . .
    The People Say Laurel
    MSM Shout Yarry

    Listen to your Heart.
    You know who is Right in this Fight.
    It’s getting Louder

    This happened…
    Summer bumblebee buzzing in an Owl box
    Less than 24 hours ago – 1 min

    That low frequency hum,
    Getting louder everyday

  2. The opening remarks by the roundtable attendees was nearly an hour, but well worth watching if you have the time.


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