California Measure SCA 5: “Forget Merit, Let’s Bring Back Quotas”

Tammy Bruce


After trying to right a wrong by banning Affirmative Action via Prop 209 in 1996, California Libs are trying to wrong that correction by introducing SBA 5. It reintroduces race as a criteria for college admission. The Asian community is up in arms because they stand to lose admission spots in the UC system to less qualified applicants based on race not on academic merit. Racism does truly live on the left. Why Asians would continue to support and vote for liberal policies is beyond me. But I do have a funny Asian college joke. Do you know what UCI stands for? University of Chinese Immigrants. Too soon?

Via Tony Lee: Breitbart — Black, Hispanic Fight for Affirmative Action in CA May Nudge Asian Americans Toward GOP

Top Black and Hispanic Democrats in California have vowed to put an initiative to overturn the state’s ban on affirmative action on the ballot by the 2016 presidential election in a move that could potentially shatter what has always been a very fragile coalition of interest groups that make up the state’s Democratic party.



8 Comments on California Measure SCA 5: “Forget Merit, Let’s Bring Back Quotas”

  1. so the groups working towards affirmative action admissions thinks that blacks and hispainics can’t compete with the the asians and whites?

    what’s not racist about that?

  2. CA should hand out degrees to ‘minorities’ (negroes and mexicans) on a percentage basis. If, say, 3% of the white/chinese population earn PhDs, then 3% of the negro/mexican population should be sent a PhD, at random. Every body will be happy and there won’t be a bunch of ignorant maggots clogging up the CA University system in remedial classes.

    Same with BSs, BAs, MSs, and MAs.

    Come to think of it, for what a HS diploma is worth, they could do the same thing.

  3. Conservatives that pay for their kids to be brainwashed in government-run institutions are the real idiots.

  4. If this goes through the UC system is going to need more funding for the Sociology/Black/Hispanic/Urban Studies/Victim Studies Departments.

    And less funding for Engineering Departments.

    Better beef up the campus police department while you’re at it.

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