California moves its primary from June to early March

American Thinker:

California politicians want a bigger say in who will be the nominee for president from their respective parties.  To that end, they have moved their presidential primary from early June to March 3.

The impact of the move will be gigantic.  Many Democrats have been complaining for years that Iowa and New Hampshire are not “representative” of the electorate as a whole.  Reading between the lines, Democrats didn’t like the idea that middle class-white people had such a large influence on who would be running for president.

While California is certainly more “diverse” than either of the early primary states, it is also far more left-wing – radical, even – than the rest of the electorate.

In effect, Democrats will be giving enormous – perhaps decisive – influence to the far left wing of their party.  more here

7 Comments on California moves its primary from June to early March

  1. @Tony R December 17, 2018 at 8:23 pm

    > I thought California was going to leave the union; what’s the hold-up?

    They’re waiting for their pallets of cash, before the official signing of the unofficial secession.

  2. socially awkward NPS losers always cry and demand to change the rules.
    They could hold a fucking daily primary and they’d still be losers, mental midgets and NPC cry baby’s. Until they learn how to adapt, change their perspective and grow a better attitude towards the American population as a whole. Well then, They can just suck it.


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