California: Orange County’s tent city will be cleared out

NBC-LA: Authorities plan to clear out Orange County’s largest homeless encampment, removing nearly 500 people living in a tent city along three miles of the Santa Ana river bed in an operation that may get underway Monday morning.

Posted signs at the Santa Ana River Trail warn that the end is imminent, and six shipping containers have been placed strategically, ready to store tons of personal belongings once the mass exodus begins. Police and outreach workers have increased their foot patrols in recent weeks, telling inhabitants that it’s time for them to leave. read more

13 Comments on California: Orange County’s tent city will be cleared out

  1. California the state of the socialist government and some people. Taking care of the criminals illegal aliens and not the citizens of California, wake up California you loosing your state to criminals illegal aliens.

  2. And the ACLU will be showing up to file lawsuits like they do in every city that tries to stop pan handling and street/tent dwelling.

  3. How about this:
    Test each and every homeless person for mental illness. Those incapable of caring for themselves are institutionalized and cared for.
    The vagrants are put to work on civil projects. Their pay: Three hots and a cot.
    Lots of good food and a safe space to sleep in exchange for hard work.


    I didn’t know the homeless problem could be solved so easily. I guess they’ll go back to their rooms at the Ritz Carlton now.

  5. this is in the west, yea?….where there is a very very large percentage of acreage “owned” by the federal government, yes? mostly for people to camp out on, yes?

    so why are they not camping out in the national parks? why are they camping out in sanctuary cities, i wonders, yes i does…..

    no bennies available in national parks is my guess….to far to walk to the best panhandling corners, probbly……

    pleanty of open land out there, no need for them to flood the cities….unless the cities INVITE them with handouts, of course…..

    ain’t no homeless problem around here…it’s too freakin cold…..count yer blessings…


    (new catch fraze)

  6. There may be some common sense to that suggestion exchanging work for food and housing. FDR did exactly that with the CCC – Civilian Conservation Corps – Outdoor and public land park projects. Some of those things are still to be found. They were given onsite housing, decent meals, and a small wage, a portion of which had to be sent home. Dam workers had a similar program, back around 1933 or so.

  7. So….what’s the problem, were all the homeless voting for job creation? Or is governor Brown shithole coming to visit and he doesn’t want to see the results of his policies??


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