California Passes Broad Series Of Gun Seizure Laws

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UPDATED 2:45 PM PST – Sun. October 13, 2019

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed 15 new gun related bills into law on Friday, which some reports claim is the broadest gun regulation effort in the nation to date.

Newsom’s bundle of new laws includes a controversial ‘red flag’ law, which will allow coworkers, employers and educators to file gun violence restraining orders on gun owners who are believed to be a danger to society. Under this law, search warrants can be immediately served. Gun owners will have the option to petition such restraining orders, which can last up to five years.

“California has outperformed the rest of the nation — because of our gun safety laws — in reducing the gun murder rate,” emphasized the governor.

Another bill will prohibit gun owners from purchasing more than one semiautomatic rifle a month. It will also raise the legal age limit for purchasing a gun to 21.

These bills have received intense pushback from the National Rifle Association and the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU has said these bills pose a “significant” threat to civil liberties. They have also said that those filing a restraining order may “lack the relationship or skills required to make an appropriate assessment.” more

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  1. Since California does not feel the need to live under or abide by the Constitution Of The United States of America, they should be expelled from the Union so they can’t.

  2. Are we expected to believe that a socialist fascist dictatorship is voluntarily disarming itself, or that the opposition is being disarmed while the power structure virtue signals?

    Rush to acquire arms California patriots.

    Trouble is coming.

  3. I don’t even need to read them to know they will all further restrict honest gun owners without impacting criminals at all.

  4. The good news is that it will force the issue to the Supreme Court.
    Given that a federal court forced the state of Illinois to implement Shall Issue CCW I expect that freedom will win out.

  5. The big hint was dropped a week ago by LA regarding law enforcement; ‘Conservatives need not apply.’

    Hire only Democrat cops and disarm your citizens. California appears to be expecting the shit to hit the fan.

  6. @grayjohn October 14, 2019 at 4:13 pm

    > Since California does not feel the need to live under or abide by the Constitution Of The United States of America, they should be expelled from the Union

    Yeah. Because convincing all the neighbors that they should band together, and run your crazy ex current out of town, is so much easier than walking away, yourself.

  7. I remember the LA riots over the years.
    Every time the panicked, gun hating populace
    ran for the gun stores to buy some firearms for
    protection only to get bounced by the waiting
    and background check laws.

  8. San Fran declared NRA a domestic terrorist organization, that makes its members a danger to society and therefore any member of the NRA will lose their guns based on red flag.

    The language used here is crap. “to file gun violence restraining orders,” Huh? Where’s the violence if it’s preempted? “Gun murder rate,” Huh? How the heck do you murder a gun?

    “shall not be infringed.” That should be the beginning and end of the conversation.

  9. Their thirst for control of the people is boundless. Connecticut tried the same thing a couple of years ago.

  10. So you get pissed off at your boss and you say you feel he is a threat and he has to prove he isn’t and then spend years trying to get his guns back.

    Don’t think folks won’t take advantage of it, look at what kids and probably some adults did to a kid pointing a finger gun.

  11. Anonymous October 14, 2019 at 5:07 pm

    Passing them is one thing, actually implementing them just might get a bit problematic for them

    They’ll send the patsies to implement them. Don’t ever think your friendly cops who says they would never confiscate guns won’t do what he’s told with the excuse he doesn’t make the law just enforces the law.

  12. If the people of commifornia were smart they’d storm the capitol WITH THEIR GUNS LOADED and clean some house!

  13. I think California needs to begin their gun confiscation program in the highest-crime areas first. How about South-central LA for starters. Let us know how that works out.

  14. This appears as a first Pre-Crime, Red Flag, case-by-case confiscation scheme in Mass. to disarm.

    But, if the case-by-case Red Flag does not work, continue on for


    By the last month before the 2020 elections, practically all the hidden anti-Constitutional Amendments and anti-Christian agendas will likely auto-expose itself due, simply, to blind hatred.


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