California Progs Demand Revolutionary War Re-enactors Use Sticks Instead of Guns

Truth Revolt:

“Can you see 12 men in full regalia and another 12 charging with wooden sticks saying ‘Bang bang!’?”

California leftists were triggered literally and figuratively by the idea of revolutionary war reenactors using guns to reenact a battle for our freedom. Why? They wanted the reenactors to use sticks.

The Elk Grove Historical Society has been planning the mock battle, which is similar to events they’ve held in the past, for more a year, but had to cancel the educational event because they planned to use guns. Leftists in the area wanted them to hold sticks and pretend they were guns. Honestly.   MORE

22 Comments on California Progs Demand Revolutionary War Re-enactors Use Sticks Instead of Guns

  1. Pretend sticks are guns?

    Did the left already forget their own rules?

    Remember students can’t so much as use their fingers or Pop-Tarts to resemble guns.

    “stick” to your own rules, leftards.

  2. California should require there be no display of a lethal weapon for entertainment purposes ever.
    That should close every movie house and movie lot in the state.

  3. I would’ve agreed. I’d of even let THEM pick the sticks!

    Then I’d of cracked ’em over the libtards’ heads.

    Then I’d of reverted to my musket. :flipoff:

  4. “Why are you using that musket? You’re supposed to replace those with sticks!”
    “We were going to, but the sticks are up your ass. And you like it.”

  5. When the hell is sanity going to stand up and ‘Just Say No’?

    If the leftist babies are too traumatized, STAY HOME!!

    That’s what we do in a free society. We don’t have to goose step to the progtards.

  6. That’s all they want for all of us. They have more in common with the British of the 18th century than any American ever.

  7. Wow – just like the British, whose asses got kicked.
    Dummies don’t realize it’s less about dressing up and more about shooting muskets!


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